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Detective Jhakanaka and Jangia Mystery Episode-1

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1 year ago

Abdul Ghulam Haque wrinkled his nose and said, "Will I have to take the train to Chittagong in the end? Yes? On the next train too?"

Secretary Miss Julia said, "Brother, you have to tell the cat in the billionaire's house, and Miss Julia is the special lover and secretary of the infamous millionaire Abdul Golam Haque. .... "

Abdul Ghulam Haque started grumbling, "So I will go to Chittagong by the next train ...."

Miss Julia said, "Sir, all the trains in Bangladesh are the next train. All the trains are the property of Bangladesh Railway. There are only a few toy trains in Sir Shishupark and Fantasy Kingdom ...."

Abdul Golam Haque became angry. He said, "Look, Miss Julia, don't come to give knowledge step by step! You can get everything by spending money. Don't wait, before the gap is cleared, I will start the business of Dhaka-to-Chittagong train service. How much does it cost to buy a train?"

Zhakanaka 2

Miss Julia scribbled on her laptop and said, "I see sir searching the internet ... ... but sir, will the railways let your train run on their line?"

Abdul Golam Haque got excited and said, "Do you mean to pay? You have to pay one hundred! You have to pay! If not, I will stop the train service from Dhaka to Chittagong!"

Miss Julia said, "Yes sir, of course!"

Abdul Golam Haque said, "Find out now, how much does it cost to buy a train."

Miss Julia mumbled, "Sir, the price of the train is not available on Google, I will ask Sachalayatan?"

Abdul Ghulam Haque said, "Ask whomever you want, only if you know my price!"

Miss Julia started typing again.

Abdul Ghulam Haque was silent for a while and said, "What was the problem when I got on the plane?"

Miss Julia said, "Sir, there was a little danger on the plane," he said.

Abdul Ghulam Haque said, "What danger?"

Miss Julia said, "Sir didn't tell me that. I asked and scolded Khamaka."

Abdul Ghulam Haque said, "Stay then. There is no point in beating that guy. When he said that, there must have been some danger then!"

Miss Julia said, "Yes sir."

Abdul Golam Haque got angry again after a while. "But that's it on the train? Even if I went by bus."

Miss Julia said, "Sir, the bus is the most dangerous. Besides, people know you ...."

Abdul Ghulam Haque said, "Hey, is there any danger on the train? Do you know the condition of the toilet is bad?"

Miss Julia said, "Sir, I will tell Shahidul, will the ribbon fit for you in the toilet ...?"

Abdul Ghulam Haque growled, "Well, we'll see again. And it's a problem to go to the toilet. A little while ago, when I went out, the corridor light went out. I bumped into a man in the dark ... Oops ... What an irritation!" That's why I don't want to be in this country. There's no way to go to the toilet in solitude, people are giggling! "

Miss Julia said, "Okay sir, then if need be I and Shahidul will go with you with the torch."

Abdul Golam Haque said, "All right! Look at the price of the train this time!"

Miss Julia said, "Sir, I didn't even get to Sachalayatan."

Abdul Ghulam Haque said, "Why, they do not know?

Miss Julia said, "No sir, you know, he's joking. He's saying, 'You're a good jazz and a revolution.'

Abdul Golam Haque growled, "All sorts of gossip ... I'll be back in Dubai the day after tomorrow!"

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Written by   76
1 year ago
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