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Sam looked at the young man in astonishment.

The surprise made him move quickly to the stage of daydreaming between millions of currencies ....

Young man: You didn't tell me... What do you think of the show, Sam?

Sam: But how?

Young man: Say well, I'll tell you how.

Sam: Alright.

Young man: I'll wait for you in an hour in the town square.

The young man left Wissam with his eyes, as if he did not want him to lose sight of him.

I hope he doesn't notice that I'm confused (Sam said to himself).

An hour later (the longest hour in Sam's life) Sam stood in the town square, waiting for the young man.

Suddenly a luxury silver car stopped near Sam.

The car window fell, a beautiful sound of music came out, and the young man in his thirties appeared smiling.

Go up (said the young man).

And the young Wissam went to a fancy restaurant in the city center.

In the restaurant Sam sat across from the young man.

My name is Alpha (the young man said).

Sam: Nice to meet you, Mr. Alpha.

Alpha laughed, "I love your calm, don't worry my friend." When you were your age, you shivered inside at such a meeting, so you don't have to act like an iron man.

You and I went through the same stages, so I loved dealing with you, you angry volcano.

And now, Sam, order food at my expense so we can talk with our stomachs full.

Alpha: Listen, Sam, life doesn't give you anything for free. If you want to succeed, you have to endure hardships and face risks. Are you brave enough to face life?

Sam: I'm ready to fight to the death.

Alpha: Listen my friend, after I heard about your intelligence and saw your courage, I am ready to invest with you and I will start with you with ten thousand and I will give you 30% of the profit, so what do you say?

Sam: I'll say okay, of course.

Alpha: Do you know Sam? If I had tried any other answer, I would have withdrawn my investment before we even started.

Alpha: Do you hear marijuana, Sam?

Sam: Yes.

Alpha: You will sell it in your area, and the harder you work, the higher your return.

Alpha: Take that cellphone, Sam. It's just for work.

There's a bunch of numbers, all of the people's names are random except for one, which is the number you'll be dealing with.

Alpha: We symbolize the merchandise with the word orange, remember that, Sam, and don't make a mistake.

I will send you a list of customers' names, and you must abide by it. You should not sell anyone outside the list.. Is that understandable, Sam?

Sam: Yes...everything is clear.

Alpha: Now take this amount of money, and tomorrow you will receive the goods.

And remember, Sam, we look a lot like each other.

I wish you good luck and now let's go.

Sam wiped his mouth with a tissue and said as he was about to go, I would be your best investment in your life.....see you later.

Alpha greeted Sam with a calm smile.

Alpha: Peace be with you, brother.

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