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Rabindranath Tagore

I don't remember my mother.

Just when going to play all of a sudden unnecessarily

What a melody is ringing in my ears,

My mother's words seemed to match in the middle of my game.

My mother sang and pushed my cradle -

Mother is gone, the song is gone.

I don't remember my mother.

Only when Ashwinite is in Shiuliban in the morning

The dew-wet air smells of flowers

Then why my mother's words float in my mind.

When did I realize that my mother used to decorate that flower -

The smell of pujo comes so it becomes the smell of mother.

I don't remember my mother.

Just sitting in the corner of the bedroom,

Looking out the window at the blue sky in the distance-

I think my mother is looking for my drink without hesitation.

When did Cole look at me later,

That chauni has left the whole sky.

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