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am Rajan. I created an account here through a friend of mine a 2 month ago. But I did a job, it didn't work here. Because you are busy with my office work, so I did not give time like that here. But I can write a little. And so I thought maybe we can work here.

dear @TheRandomRewarder i really hope you notice me. I want to work with you.

Love you All guys for your wonderful writing.

Because I work for a private company, I almost always have to keep busy because of the job. I started this job while studying. Nowadays work has become my favorite.Nowadays work has become my favorite. There is not much work in the office at this time. So I thought I could write at that time. This is what I started from today.

I am a married man. I got married with love while studying. I have parents in my family. We all live together because I am their only child. If I was asked the most favorite thing in your life I would say my family. I am the darling child of the parents yet I am younger to them. My wife came and added new family members, but I love them all.

I like my mother's hand cooking the most. Although my wife can cook fairly well, not like my mother. Especially my mom can cook meat very well with biryani. My wife is learning to cook from my mother. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. Various types of food and drink are arranged.

Now that I have more time off, I go out with my family to a better place. Especially every member of our family likes the sea. So whenever I get a little more vacation, we all go there together. Everyone loves the sea. If you go here, your mind will get better.

I like to watch different types of series on Netflix in my private time. Or there is no one at home, everyone has gone for a walk, I am alone at that time, I enjoy these series as I wish. There are also some movies that you want to watch again and again. But that's what I like most about the educational series.

Speaking of sports, I like football the most. I like cricket fairly. Because cricket is a long game and so I dislike it a little bit. I like watching the game the most with my friends.

As far as friends are concerned, let's talk a little bit about them. I have no shortage of friends in my life. Because I like to mingle with people from a young age. And that's why I get along so well with almost everyone. And they became my friends. I have friends of all ages in my life.

Since I started working with you from today, I hope you will be my friend now. I know that if i want to work here, you need cooperation. So I sincerely wish you all cooperation.

thanks for reading.

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