What is the relationship between Open Finance and OroPocket?

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Many people have been reading widely about OroPocket, a banking platform offering seamless services. Some may not have come across Open Finance or read or heard about it separately. However, there exists a close connection between the two. Knowing this connection can help an individual to make informed investment decisions.

In short OroPocket, a decentralized bank, offering various investment opportunities falls under Open Finance. It other words, OroPocket is a product of Open Finance.

What is Open Finance?

Open Finance is a decentralized financial platform that connects decentralized financial services to centralized ones. It achieves this through tokenizing real world assets. The main assets currently traded with are Gold and Silver. We are saying it has tokenized gold and silver. Therefore people are able to trade these.

The ultimate aim of Open Finance is to increase trade in digital assets backed by real world assets such as real-estate, stocks and exchange-traded funds, among many more.

There are many reasons why one should focus on Open Finance:

·        It integrates KYC and AML solutions

·        It has high liquidity

·        It reduces or eliminates slippage

·        It has open banking – OroPocket


What is OroPocket?

It is Open Finance’s banking platforms that offers convenient services to its users. Its procedures and processes are very easy, yet it deals with a diversity of assets such as Art, Energy & Oil, Wines & Whisky, Patents & IPRs, Equity Stocks, ESOPs & SAFEs, and ETFs

Apart from these, OroPocket has valuable services which include asset-backed debit cards, instant global transfers, lending, staking and farming.

Notably OroPocket has many advantages over many other crypto banking platforms. It solves many problems that exists within the traditional banking system such as:

·        Inflation

·        Negative interest rates

·        Low liquidity

·        Centralization and bureaucracy

Therefore, OroPocket overcomes the challenges arising from strict government control and central authority.

Features of OroPocket

OroPocket stands out of many decentralized financial organizations due to its key features which include:

Instant trade: People exchange their cryptocurrencies within a very short time, with no risk.

Instant loans: Stakers of cryptocurrencies can get low interest instant loans.

High yield earning: Staking and yield farming enables participants to earn high returns.


$ORO is the native token of OroPocket and is listed on several exchanges. It is also the governance token.


Because of its high selling services OroPocket has a large following. People interact on the following platforms. Of which, you are free to join at any time:








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