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Levelnaut is a company focused on educating people around the globe about legit earning opportunities. Its aim is to economically empower people around the world in order to end income disparities. For instance, people from developing countries do not have stable income.

Worse still, as a result of technology people are losing jobs. For instance, developing countries such as Zimbabwe have high unemployment rates because of technological advance. Therefore, it is the vision of Levelnaut to uplift the standards of living of the people using technology such as the internet.

For Levelnaut, the concept of the world becoming a village should have practical use. This occurs when people can get employment anywhere in the world. Global villagers should leverage on technology to earn a living.

How can levelnaut achieve its mission?

Levelnaut achieves its goals through global educational campaigns. Although it focuses on fiat income programs, health, knowledge acquisition, it also has a great focus on cryptocurrencies.

It promotes cryptocurrency programs that offers earning opportunities to people around the world. It educates people in crypto mining, investment and affiliate marketing. In reality, Levelnaut is an educational centre for income earning opportunities.

What problems does it solve?

When people search for income earning programs on the internet they come across many hurdles. Therefore, Levelnaut educates people on how to overcome these hurdles. It teaches people:

How to avoid scams: Levelnaut teaches people how to identify and avoid scams. It does this by availing legit and profitable online programs, such as Web Token Profit and PrimeXBT. When people join these legit businesses, they are not scammed.

In short Web Token Profit, is a rising investment platform for cryptocurrencies, with more than six investing lines such as crypto mining, trading platform and marketplace.

On the other hand PrimeXBT is renowned for covesting, which is a trading strategy of copying successful and experienced traders. With this, people are not prone to trading risks that novices usually face.

Notably, people are scammed when they use trial and error methods of searching for earning opportunities.

Avoid losing money: When people avoid scammers they protect their money. Second, when people only invest in profitable crypto ventures, they avoid losing money. People only benefit when they invest in legit and profitable businesses. And Levelnaut teaches people about such genuine opportunities.

Avoid wasting time: Many people waste time when they take part in poor online crypto projects. For instance people have invested in projects that rug pulled or those with shitcoins. In the end they lose their precious time, used to promote such programs.

Other people have wasted their time pursuing faucets, airdrops and bounty programs that do not have benefits. I am not saying that all faucets, airdrops and bounty programs are bad. There are some which are beneficial. But newbies have no way of identifying these profitable programs.

How does Levenaut achieve this?

Levelnaut uses several strategies.

Team of experts: Levelnaut works with a team of experts in different affiliate marketing areas and crypto investment. These are the individuals who advice the people from time to time. In fact they are mentors to those willing to earn online.

Educational material: It provides reading and audio material that teaches people what to do and how.

Social media platforms: levelnaut has groups in many social media platforms such as LinkedIn, telegram and Facebook, in different languages.

Affiliate marketing opportunity: Levelnaut has its own lucrative affiliate marketing opportunity, where people earn in five ways which include direct commissions, staff salaries, team work profit, referral system and ranking seller bonus.


In a nutshell, levelnaut teaches people on genuine earning income involving crypto and fiat projects. It guides people through educational material, coaching and mentoring.


 Anyone can participate in Levelnaut at different levels. To start, one has to buy a package. The minimum amount is $10 per package. This is not a monthly payment. Once you pay that, you get help for 2 to 3 months. You will have a personal mentor during the period. Within these three months you should start earning from the income projects you join and from Levelnaut itself.

This means that the money for upgrading will come from the income you will earn.


Levelnaut has many social media platforms. However, to start you can join the telegram group where you will get all the necessary information.


Website: Levelnaut




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