Doki Doki joins DeFi Gaming Coalition

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Doki Doki is growing by the day. I am puzzled by people who think otherwise. But the truth is Doki Doki is destined for greater heights because of several reasons:

First, the gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, as more and more people become technologically addicted. In most case, where ever a person is, there is either a smart phone or a computer, connected to the internet.

Second, videos games are rocking the world. According to recent researches there are over 2.7 billion gamers around the globe. This is about two-thirds of the world’s population.

Imagine what will happen as the next generation comes onboard the gaming industry. Also, experts expect that by 2025 the gaming market will exceed US$256 billion.

All these point to a better gaming future. Recently, an amazing development took place. There has been a creation of the global gaming partnership, call it coalition. Currently several top gaming institutions are members to it.

And don’t ask me if Doki Doki is part of this coalition. Oh! Yes, it is.

What is the contribution of DeFi Gaming Coalition?

This coalition will achieve several goals.

·        To work for the growth of the gaming industry and facilitate innovations.

·        To create a token- based economy, revolving around NFTs.

·        To ensure mass adoption of gamification and NFTs.

·        To create opportunities for provision of liquidity mining and other services.  

As you can see, this results in expansion of gamification technology and mass adoption of NFTS. So, it is a positive development for various gaming institutions such as Doki Doki.

How will Doki Doki benefit?

This coalition results in the success of the gachapon machine in the industry as there will be cross game NFTs and integration.

Basically, many people will use NFTs and invest in them. More importantly, the players participate fully and earn a living from their involvement in games. They will trade their virtual game items. Thus, this partnership expands the gaming industry and bring financial benefit to players and the entire DeFi ecosystem.

The coalition promotes various projects collectively. This means Doki Doki becomes well-known, resulting in an increase in the value of its NFTs and related assets.

More so, artists benefit as their work is advertised widely. As a result, this cooperation should lead to millions of people around the world to own and use cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets.

This coalition leads to a global decentralized token-based economy where gamers will enjoy competition, yet earn a decent living.

All other individuals benefit as the value of the NFTs increase or stabilize.

Members of the coalition

You may be interested on the coalition members.

AnRKey X: This is a gaming platform based on the ethereum blockchain. It rewards players using its native token called $ANRX. It also has its NFTs.

Matic Network: This enhances the scaling of DApps created on the ethereum blockchain. It helps in expanding and perfecting gaming platforms

Exeedme: It allows gamers to monetize their skills. Therefore, it is a motivation for artists at Doki Doki to become more creative than before, as their earning potential is greater than before.

Ferrum Network: This protocol helps increase network speed and integration of DApps. Therefore, it also improves the performance of Doki Doki, making it a choice for many gamers.

CertiK: It improves the security of various projects including Doki Doki.

These are among some of the notable partners in the coalition.


What’s the take?

Do you have an interest in Doki Doki? Now is the time to be more involved.

Don’t you have an interest in Doki Doki? Now is the time to get involved because the opportunity which the DeFi Gaming Coalition has created will benefit us all.

The involvement of Doki Doki in the coalition paints a better future for us all. It also points out that Doki Doki is a safe and trusted investment destination.

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