How do I organize my recipes?

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2 years ago

I have so many recipes saved, both made and pending preparation, that I have no alternative but to have them organized to be able to access them efficiently and from anywhere. To avoid forgetting something, I have a notebook where I write down the recipes as I see them or they are given to me, and then pass them on to clean either on the computer or to another notebook, as is the case with the breads.

My notebook for quick notes.

For a long time I used Evernote to save them and be able to consult any of my recipes from my smartphone or from a computer, but they got too demanding with the free accounts and I had no choice but to look for an alternative, which turned out to be Microsoft's OneNote:

This is OneNote in Android.

It was not easy, because there were many recipes that I had to move from one place to another, but with the help of an export and import system, I managed to put them all in OneNote. The rest was "chinese work", since I had to retouch them to manually place titles that had been lost, and check that none were missing.

When I finished, I have to say that I was proud of my work, as they were perfectly arranged in folders, and I even marked with an asterisk (*) the ones that I had already prepared to differentiate them from those that I had not yet tried.

With regard to breads and doughs in general, from the day I started making bread at home, I used a notebook where I wrote down each and every one of the breads, cakes, and doughs that I have been preparing over the years. years. In each recipe I like to put notes regarding the preparation, possible improvements and advice based on my own experience when making them, so that in the future, if I repeat said recipe, I will not make the same mistakes as the first time.

My notebook for bread, doughs, biscuit and cakes.
Some of my bread recipes.

Also, in the case of my breads, cakes and pastries, I keep photos of each one of them.

My goal now is to gradually transfer all these recipes from my BREAD notebook to OneNote, so that they stay with the rest of the recipes. Little by little I will do it, I am not in a hurry and it is a job that I like.

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2 years ago