You don't know what you want

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1 year ago

There is one very big problem that young people have (not just young people but some older people too) and the worse thing is that they don't know.

They really don't know.

See, when Solomon was asked what he wanted, he said wisdom.

He knew not just what he wanted, but also he knew what he really needed. He didn't think about it at that moment. It just came out of the box.


He was prepared and ready and knew what he needed to do better.

Do you know what you want or need?

A lot of us don't know what we want. Some of us might but we don't know what we really need.

As a result, we meet opportunities countless times and we blow it many times without even knowing.

Sometimes, when we are told:

Go and bring your CV or proposal, or the business plan, or the prototype, that's when we go to start preparing for it.

I have been opportune to see my mentor and his league of friends interview lots and lots of people.

And even after speaking sophisticated English, one thing is paramount: They don't know what they want.

How can you be given something you don't know if you want?

You will not even know how to search for it. You will not even know when you meet parts that make up what you want or need as you move.


Not knowing your purpose.

Once you know your purpose, making decisions and focusing becomes easy.

You will be able to know what you want and need.

Where to go, where you work, who to follow.

You will know what to do every step of the way.

If you know what you want to discover your purpose and start pursuing its fulfillment with speed and accuracy.

If you know you are tired of moving back and forth if you know that you are tired of being depressed, confused, and even suicidal, you have given up hope on life and you are of jumping from one training to another. If you know that you are the multi-talented fellow who doesn't know how to harness your talent and you are still broke, you need help.

You need a mentor who holds you by the hand and demystifies everything you need to do step by step so you can model the available systems successfully.

Meanwhile, let me share this with you:

10 Tips that will make Io your impact felt

Are you with me...

  1. Change all negative mindsets

  2. Dare to dream big

  3. Work tremendously on your dreams.

  4. See to it that you remain consistent in the spirit of the odds.

  5. Be an active learner.

  6. Be open to new ideas, strategies, and skills.

  7. Diversify as much as you can but do have a major.

  8. Attend self-development classes.

  9. Seek to create relationships that matter on your way to success.

  10. Never leave the Divine helper out of the equation (you need him more than you know).

If humans can make a sweet soup from bitter leaf 🌿 then surely God will make your life sweet from your bitter experiences



The lead image is by Wokandapix from Pixabay.

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1 year ago


It's true that people in general don't know what they want... Thanks for the ten tips... Very useful tips...

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1 year ago