Legacy and Hunger for Success

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On the Matter of Legacy

If you do not find and follow your purpose, you will deny many a path to trail.

You must understand that there are those coming behind you. And are going to rise and thrive on your light. Take your candle and light up your world

Do you think you are living for your self?

You must live your life generationally.

I know this right from growing up

A song we use to sing in the choir back then:

šŸŽ¼šŸŽ¤ Oh may all who come behind me fine me faithful

May the fire of my devotion (and purpose) light their way

And may the foot prints that we leave lead them to believe

And the life we live inspire them to obey (and find purpose)

Oh may all who come behind me find me faithful

It is said that the right and best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is Now!

You must seek to add value to your society. Not necessarily trying to change the world, just add a little value, then a little, and then a little....

You are not responsible for the conditions which you were given birth to, but you are very much responsible for your tomorrow. No one owes you anything but you owe the coming generations everything

Legacy is not what you think about when you are 80. You are building a LAGACY by your daily decisions

Always remind yourself that you are important, you matter , and you have something to share with the rest of the world!

Don't die with your gifts


...Every great leader I've ever had theĀ privilege to work with-Ā whether they are a politician, an athlete, a musician, or a business savant-Ā got there using one force above all other. And that'sĀ HUNGER!

~ Tony Robbins

This is what differentiates between the successful from the unsuccessful.

  • How hungry are you?

  • How badly do you want success?

If you can maintain a burning hunger, it will drive you to achieve more than you can ever imagine. Hunger crushes fear of death

Hunger helps you birth those strategies you need to succeed. It's will drive you to flash out your answers to the most pressing problems of your life and that of others.

In early 1900s, the Wright brothers were not only the team on them flight race.

There was another team more equipped, better advantaged and were sponsored to pit mankind in the air.

The Wright brothers lad education and sponsorship. They were like we'll call today, road side mechanics. Infact the were bicycle repairers

But these Brothers never lacked hunger! Their hunger soon attracted the right mix of people who shared in the same passion. Many months later, the team of mechanics and bicycle repairers put mankind in air.

Populate you circle with the right kind of people.

When you add hunger to opportunities things happen!

Jimi Tewe said

Discovery isn't enough! The optimal utilisation and release of every potential within discoveries should always be our aim.

Gracias people

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Topics: Legacy, Success


This is really inspiring... It's a beautiful write up... As far as I'm concerned anything that had the sons of bishop Wright in it is beautiful...

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1 year ago

Thank you for the kind words. Yes, they are known for greatness.

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1 year ago

Noteworthy lines from you. What struck me most is the part where you said that you don't have responsibility on the conditions you were given birth to, but you are much responsible for your tomorrow. It's like, if you are born poor, you can't be poor forever. You have to work hard to attain the success in your life.

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1 year ago

Yes. You should remain poor because you were born into a poor home. And your father and fathers before we're all poor. That cycle of generational poverty can be broken.

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1 year ago

adding value to people's lives is so important and is the best legacy cos you someone also did the same for you. this might not be in terms of money, but find that need you think might benefit that person or persons, it might be knowledge

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1 year ago

Yes, helping people doesn't have to always be monetary. There are various capacities we could be helpful to others, emotionally and physically, just to mention a few.

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1 year ago