A Ponzi and Scam Experience

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1 year ago
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A short story from my mentor

Let me show you how you can avoid the same stupid mistake

A long time ago I think 4years ago or thereabout...

I met this guy online who was promoting website that gives people 35% of any money invested after 14days...

I had been following his status for like 4 months then. I actually saw everything. The payout and all.

The website was actually paying people after 14 day. I saw it.

The guy was promoting it for obvious reasons. He paid a commission for every person that uses his link to invest.

Around that period , I think I needed money then to do something very important, can't really remember what...

And I happened to have 100k in my account...my money inside was 40k, while the 60k belonged to a friend who said I should keep it for him till the following month.

So, my stupid mind told me to quickly invest the money into the website I know nothing about. No one knows the owner. There was nothing like a consumer care number.

But I took the risk because I was obviously foolish, stupid, and greedy

Omo, that was how I patiently waited 14days reach... It was showing currently upgrading😅😅

One month passed, no payment... It was during the time I invested the website decided to disappear.

Omo, throughout that period. I was sweating and purging😅

I then went on Facebook and saw that I wasn't the only one. Many people were complaining

Omo,I started sourcing out for other ways to pay my guy. How was I supposed to tell him I lost his money because I was greedy and foolish??

It pained me.

And ever since then,I don't invest in anything I can't control

Don't be foolish like me to still fall for this Ponzi scams. Christmas is getting closer. It's harvest season for scammers

On the other hand, why is it so hard for you to believe in yourself by investing the money in yourself and learning a skill??(preferably an high income skill).


Let's be careful of the links we click.

A member of one of the crypto community I'm in lost a huge amount of money yesterday.

He shared this on the group chat last night:

"My Binance account was hacked, and all my fund transfered

I just retrieved the account now found out that all my funds are gone.

The phone number was changed.

I had to contact them. I used a Nord VPN to access the account from my own device. And was granted access and did a re verification. They just opened the account now, for me to see that all my funds are gone!


Binance security is very very weak.

Let's be careful and protect ourselves.

Some of these links you see, that offers free tokens, some are virus infected - A malware is attached to it that saves all your passwords as you click it. It saves all the passwords you have used in all accounts in the device. So let's be careful please.

My hard earned money gone again😭😭😭😭"

Those were his words.

He might have blamed Binance for weak security, no comment on that, but I will blame home for the loss. Binance made provision for customers to activate the 2FA. They have about 4 options. But he failed to take the security of his account seriously.

Please go set up your 2fa and your anti-phishing in all your Crypto accounts. That will help. It's there under the tab

Cyber tech is advancing by the day

Let's all stay safe

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1 year ago
Topics: Ponzi, Scam, Ponzi scheme


Really sounds advice... We have to be very careful with whatever we do on the internet... There are people out there that just want to create sadness for others...

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I've been scammed as well before, but on my part you'll receive double the amount of what you invested in 14 days. I was so naive back then and tried it. But little did I know, it was a scam. I regret it in someway but served as a lesson on my part as well.

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