6 Steps to Starting & Scaling a Profitable Online Business

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1 year ago

The internet is so powerful. It can make you earn someone's monthly salary in one day.

Talk about how life is not fair.

In this post I intend to show you 6 steps to starting and scaling a profitable online business.

Let's dive into the steps:

1. Discovery

You have to discover first that you actually have something OF VALUE to sell.

You must first discover that which you have, that someone out there ACTUALLY needs!

2. Develop

First of all, develop your mind. Your access to any possibility in life is your mind.

The law of the Mind states that everything in life is created twice.

Firstly, in the mind. And secondly, it is created physically.


3. Attraction

Nobody will buy your product if they don't see it. Simple as that.

If you are proud and sure of your solution like we said on the previous point, you will shout it across the online plane for all to see.

How do you make #100,000 sharp sharp?


Sell a #1000 product to 100 persons?

But the internet is a game of numbers.

The more people you can reach, the more money you can make.

4. Follow The Triangle of Value

  • ACQUIRE Value

  • CREATE Value

  • DELIVER Value

You see, VALUE is a word that is very popular in our day but only a few understand the science behind it. VALUE is simply a NEEDED SOLUTION given to address a pressing need.

Acquiring Value has to do with LEARNING AND UNLEARNING

Go for knowledge that can solve problems. Not just any knowledge. Knowledge is good but it won't profit you if you cannot apply it.

Start with a business that solves Practical Problems for people

There are different classes of people in society but we all have some basic needs...

  • FOOD

  • Clothing

  • Shelter

  • Communication

Businesses built around these needs seldom need so much effort to thrive.

Value Acquisition is at the top of the VALUE TRIANGLE.

Value Creation deals with Making the Value Acquired in a form that's useful to your audience.

Value Delivery is about making the most of the Acquired Value to help your audience meet their needs.

5. Sales

Every business aims to make a profit. Any business not built to bring profit will not grow and hence will fail.

Making Sales is an indispensable part of any business.

When it comes to selling online, your knowledge of Copywriting is what makes the difference.

Copywriting is simply Selling with words.

No matter the VALUE (Knowledge, Products, or Serve) you have to offer, if you cannot sell online you won't make a profit. This goes beyond posting daily on social media.

It's a art that must be learned.

Selling is the Ultimate Goal of Every Business.

If you don't LEARN to sell from someone who actually does it practically, you will end up knowing so much that you won't have proof for it.

Selling is not giving people your products to collect money from them.

Selling is Offering Value to people who need it and allowing them to compensate you for it. When you sell, you actually help those you are selling to and not the other way around.

Learn to SELL rightly and your business cannot but thrive online.

The difference between someone who appears to be taking all the money online and others who keep struggling is majorly their ability to SELL well or not.

Selling is a skill you must learn.

6. Consistent Repetition

This is simply about making your business (which offers value to solve people's problems) work even in your absence. If your business run without your active presence then you will be weary in no time.

You need to automate your business online.

You need to set up structures that help you make money even when you're sleeping.


You see, when it comes to making the most of opportunities, you must realize that going about it yourself will wear you out and leave you frustrated most times.

Now, you know...act on it fast before it gets watered down.

What makes the difference in life is not necessarily the information people have but how many actions they take with that information.

There you have it all guys... The 6 Practical Steps to Starting & Scaling a Profitable Online Business.

Now, my question is...

What are you going to do with this knowledge you have gotten?

The lead image is designed by Geralt on Pixabay.

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1 year ago


Great article. The discovery stage is critical and this is where a massive number of small businesses fail. Prospective business owners tend to build a product or service and only then find the right audience when indeed, they should start with problem solving in mind. Identifying how to apply the skills that you have into solving people’s problems is what successful business owners do.

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1 year ago

Yeah, before learning any skill or starting any business one should first consider the impact such will have on others. Will it provide solutions to already existing problems? If not, then why should people patronize your product and services.

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1 year ago