Bye, Everton?

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2 years ago

I'm not the one to take back my words but not on this occasion. I once speculated that Everton won't relegate. It looked impossible. It felt impossible. How can the historic Merseyside club go down?

Admittedly, Everton were in trouble but they won't relegate. Either Burnley or Leeds will join the doomed Norwich and Watford. That was my thought when I declared Everton won't relegate. That statement hasn't aged well. Burnley sacked Sean Dyche and suddenly picked some crazy form, winning three of the four games played since sacking the "Ginger Mourinho".

When Dyche was sacked the whole football family criticized the decision. At that time we've all silently admitted Burnley will relegate and Dyche will be the hero to lead them back to the big time once again. Why sack him when they'll eventually relegate? We saw Alan Pace as an ingrate. It was beyond imagination to think Burnley will escape relegation but that's what they are about to do.

I watched the game at Watford till the 80th minute and assumed Burnley won't win. They would've played two more games than Everton and will be just two points ahead of them. Just one win out of the two and Everton are out of the relegation zone, plunging Burnley back to the zone they've made home all season. When I returned fifteen minutes later Burnley won 2-1 and moved five points ahead of Everton. That was the point when I concluded Everton will be the ones needing a miracle to escape relegation now. It is not beyond them as QPR relegated from the EPL in 2013 despite having an expensively assembled team.

It looked impossible earlier but if Everton escapes relegation now Burnley will not forgive themselves. They have the momentum. And yes, they have the better run in.

We may not see the Merseyside derby next season. That has never happened in my lifetime! It's looking like a real possibility now.

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