apakah kamu ingin mengenalku?

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1 year ago

Hi, friend,
I just joined here..
Introducing my name is Liana, usually called Ms. Ndut.
I was born in Indonesia and grew up here,
was born in a simple family in the village, was educated until he finished high school with a lot of help from his father, mother and brother, and is now working.
I learn many things every day. how to survive being grateful and appreciative of others.
I have 3 siblings, I have one brother and one sister.
But recently my father passed away. I have to support my brother and mother with a mediocre income, but I'm still grateful that I can still eat every day.
 Although there is still a little debt for sudden needs. Fighting spirit for all.
I have high hopes for their health and life,
Maybe it started from many words and hopes that piled up in my mind and thoughts,
I want to write it this time.
My hobbies are writing swimming and cycling, but after having a problem with someone who always accompanies me cycling, how come it feels like there is no more enthusiasm for cycling.
It might sound a little weird, but that's how I feel. I have a stout body with a weight of 76 kg with a height that is not so tall. I've been wanting to lose weight for a long time but haven't been able to. Ha ha
Can you help me with some tips to lose weight. Maybe it will help me a lot.
I also really like art. I love to dance, I like to draw and I like to sing, even though my voice doesn't sound sweet, but it can make me happy.
I keep two cats at home, two local cats named sweet and oyen, they are very cute. the cuddly and cuddly oyen, and the sweet, so handsome. Yes he is handsome and has a mustache he looks very manly. always acting funny and making trouble in the house, very adorable.
Actually, there's a lot more I want to tell you. Emmm Thank you friend if you want to know me, from me who have many shortcomings and best wishes to all. I love you

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