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Fixed marriage: asking her hand

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"I want you to ask her hand 4 weeks from now"

Roy couldn't believe what he heard from the old lady. It plays back and forth in his mind. He couldn't believe either that he will marry a stranger that he never dreamed of marrying, 6 months from now.

It was dawn but he couldn't sleep, he thinks it was the foolish decision he ever made in his entire life. He couldn't refuse. It was a so-called culture and it shouts of his dignity and pride. How would he face the reality of turning back and be mocked by the people around him? But how would he face a marriage with a woman he never knows even her name.

Looking back at the woman in his front earlier. Her eyes were full of madness and pain. It was a sign of pure rebellion of what is about to come. And it screams for help when she asks him what he would say but failed when he speaks.

Eugene is in her room and no plan of coming out. She is locking herself since earlier.

"Can I excused myself?" That's the only word she could say before she explodes in front of her family and the stranger visitors, the mixed emotions and the firing anger.

She needs to excuse herself and ran to her room. Lock it and screams all her frustrations. How could her mother do this to her? How could she easily give her to a stranger? She doesn't even know the man, even his name. She is regretful of why she allows her cousin to tell her mother of what had happened that day. She is mad and feels betrayed. She wants to escape but she couldn't. This calls for a family shame if she does. She thinks she might go insane from the thought. Why does he easily agree with the mother's blatant attack and proposal to the small issue? Is he mad? No, he is insane. Culture couldn't just be the excuse for all this. She feels helpless and couldn't help but cry. She cried for almost 5 hours now and she has no idea how she could face the outside world again. Her heart is so full of hatred for the unfair culture the society has. She hears a knock on the door and it's not the first time hearing it. It was maybe the fifth or six times but she has no plan of answering. She is tired of all the tears that run down her cheeks. All her energy is gone now and all she wants to do is sleep to escape the brutal reality of the faith she has.

4 weeks later

Roy is outside the old house. He is never sure of what could happen. He could see from afar the reason for his visit. She wears a warm smile but cold eyes. She could see the sadness and the fake smile she wears she gives to the visitors. She is beautiful, despite the sadness her eyes wear. She just let her shiny hair flow at her back. Her dress suited her skinny and petite figure. It is his first time to look at her, and he could appreciate her beauty. The way she handles the situation right now without including her emotions makes him appreciate her more. She is such a strong woman and he sees her strength and the future woman beside her. "She will be a good wife", he thought.

Eugene is tired of the mask she is wearing. How much more she needs to endure? She greeted everybody with a warm smile just to please her Mother and all would be happy. But she isn't. She is dying inside and tired of all the facade she is putting. After few weeks she manages to put herself together once more and face this crowd today. Later will be the announcement of her marriage with the stranger, and later will be the start of her suffering and agony altogether.

Everyone was settled and gathered in one place. They enjoyed the food and the drinks that were prepared. Roy already introduced himself to all the family members of his soon-to-be wife. He also introduced his Aunt that was the only relative with him at the moment.

After all, was done eating their meal. The old lady Eva raises from her seat and begins to clear her throat.

"Good evening everyone, thank you all for coming for tonight's event and that is to formally ask my daughter's hand by Roy Gloria, please raise, son. He originally comes from Mahaplag."

The old lady continues, and formally announces Roy as her daughter's fiancee. The crowd applause and congratulate them.

Thank you for reading. If you did not read the first part of the story feel free to click here

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1 year ago
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