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Fixed marriage: 12 Years Gap

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1 year ago

They say falling in love is the best feeling. But what if the love you will have is fixed and is not what you've planned?

Walking in a dark street Roy walks as fast as he could. He will have no time to waste for his house is far from where he is now. He doesn't familiar with the place yet because he's new there. There is almost no house that he passes by.

It was a month ago when he went to the place to work as a carpenter of the new furniture shop in the small town of Hilongos. Even though he was just 19 years old he was able to master the skills of being a carpenter from his uncle's shop way back in his hometown.

Few more steps and he will get to pass the big old house that would be the sign that he is almost there in his Aunt house. With his month of stay in the place he always passed by the old house and notice the old woman standing on the terrace, but this time he did not see her there. Instead, he sees a woman. It is his first time seeing her there. He sees a long hair, woman in her late 20's, not so skinny and petite figure.

He continues to walk fast and passed the old house, leaving the thought of who is the woman on the terrace behind.

In the old house

Eugene who just arrives from Manila is so tired and wanted to get some sleep but she can't because of the crowded and noisy people around the house. She's annoyed by all the presence of the people give just because she and her cousins arrive. She decided to went to the terrace to breathe some air. As she stands there she saw a figure of a man just passed by. She's curious because the figure is not familiar to her. She thought about who it is for a while but she couldn't think of someone. Maybe she doesn't remember because it is quite a while now since she leaves her hometown. She left when she was just 17 years old to work and it was 13 years had passed from now. It was quite a long period and a lot had changed in her hometown. She almost couldn't recognize people and the place now. Her mother made her go back home saying she misses her and needed her there more than the money she sent monthly.

A few weeks later

Roy is having a good time with his workmate outside their favorite store near the shop. He drinks a couple of glasses of beer and a bit of tipsy. It's quite dark now and he needs to go. He bid his workmates goodbye and excused himself. Now, he is walking home.

Anxious of the time he asks the two women that are about to pass by him.

"Hey, may I know what time is it?"

But there was no response. He feels offended because there is no bad intention of asking about the time. He grabs the wrist of the woman who had a watch and looks at the time. The two women feel nervous and Roy could feel it. He instantly loosens his grip and apologizes. He is a bit drunk and not careful of his actions. Now he feels sorry about it.

"I'm sorry."

"I'll tell aunt of what you have done."

Puzzled by what the other woman had said, Roy was left with confusion. He continues to walk as straight as he could and couldn't remember what had happened the next morning.

Roy is in the kitchen preparing for his breakfast at his small table when someone had arrived.

His Aunt is the one who entertains the visitors but later calls him to get outside the small hut.

He was being summoned by the old lady in the old house and it is urgent.

Without hesitation, Roy went to the old house with her Aunt. He arrived there with confusion as he sees few individuals inside. The old lady in his rocking chair, the two other ladies on the couch, and a man on the opposite side, offering them to sit down.

He has no idea of what's going on. He sits as requested with his Aunt on his side. The woman on the right is so familiar to him. She is the girl on the terrace the last week. The old lady in the rocking chair started the conversation.

"Is he the guy you told me last night?"

She asks her daughter, Eugene but she did not respond. She remains silent and bowed head. Instead the woman beside her, Anne answered.

"Yes, Aunt he is the one who grabs Eugene's hands last night."

Hearing the words, Roy got the idea that it was about the last night scenario. That the woman he messes up last night was the same woman he saw on the terrace.

"What's your name son?"

"Roy, my name is Roy."

He responded. He is nervous but he just hides it. He knows it was not a that big issue and won't get him into big trouble. But looking at the serious face of the old lady in front of him makes his heart beat fast.

"I see. I am Eva, this is my husband Eli, my daughter Eugene whom you insulted and beside her, her cousin Anne."

"Nice meeting you." Hesitant but he still manages to be polite.

"To begin with, I'm calling you here to inform you that I want you to be responsible for what you have done by marrying my daughter."

Shocked was written all over their faces not just him but also Eugene and her cousin.

"But.." he complains

"No, buts"

Frustration was written all over Eugene's face "Mother, please it was just a misunderstanding"

"No, Eugene. He must take responsibility for his actions, he holds your hands, and in our culture whoever holds a woman's hands must marry her."

Eugene feels defeated and seals her mouth she knows whatever she says she will never win against her mother. She looks at Roy's face full of emotions she couldn't explain. He is still silent and couldn't figure out what is going on in his head.

" You?" Looking Roy straight in the eyes.

"Will you say something?" She continues.

"What would I say, you're mother's decision is final. Even you can't disobey it. How much more I. I wouldn't like to disrespect her." He answered looking back to Eugene's teary eyes.

"That's good to know. I want you to marry her this coming August." Eva continue.

"That I would disagree. It is just 4 months away from now. I couldn't prepare that short amount of time. Give me until October." Roy exclaimed

"What will you say Eli?" Face her husband who is so quite with all that happened.

"That is fine Eva. Give him time to prepare. It is not that easy to rush him into such a huge occasion." Eli explained

"Okay, October it is. Now I want you to ask for her hand 4 weeks from now before you marry her for formality."

" Mother?" Eugene is furious now of all her mother demanded. She is mad.

"Yes Eugene? Do you have something to say?" Her mother asked.

"Can I excused myself?"

P.s This is how the story of my parents begin. Be with me as I continue tell to you there love story. Thank you for reading up until here.

Special mention to my friend who always motivate me to write. @Zhyne06 you can also visit her works. She is a good writer too.

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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Thank you for the mention dai. Just continue writing. ☺️ Express your feelings here too. It will help to lighten your day. ☺️

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