I choose the LOVE over my Career

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They say that Love will definitely conquer all. It's a mixture of sacrifices, happiness &sadness, challenges, understanding and more. And if you truly love the person, you will fight for it. But how far can you fight for the one you love? Can you sacrifice your dream and career because of him even there is no guarantee? Can be still called love if you are the only one who sacrifice?

I'm Margaux, a manager in one of the well known private company in Manila. I can say that I am living on my dreams already cause I achieve what I really want. I am successful now. I'm too focused to my career so until now I don't have a boyfriend. But I'm not in a hurry to find one because I really enjoy my life now. Tiring yet satisfying. I thought that it will remain like this.

Everything had changed until I met Alex, the new security guard in our company. I admit at first, I am annoyed at him cause his always smiling like he is no problems at life. But as day passes by, I found him nice and a man with a sense of humor. Every time that I enter to the company, he always said some pick up lines or banat to me. I don't know but I really enjoy that cheesy thing. One of my workmate also noticed that and she even said " Aww, Ma'am you're in love to him, right? But I boldly said "No, I will definitely not falling into him". I admit that I'm starting to fall for him but I need to resist it cause I know that we are very different in many aspects and also I know that it is prohibited to our company. " There should no couples or dating couples in our company", that's the rule. It sounds too much right? But I know that our company wants us to focus to our work.

So before it's too late, I avoid Alex. When he was makes a joke to me, I just smiled at him. A bitter smile actually. I don't want to fall in love even more to him so I think it's the best way to do. I thought it's gonna be alright but he noticed that I ignore him. While I'm waiting for a taxi, he approached me and said " Ma'am , did you ignore me?

" No,why would I"? I said casually.

" Cause I feel you are, Did I do something wrong? Did my jokes is so corny ,that's why you didn't laughed at all?". He said

" No, you did nothing wrong. And why I should laughed at your jokes? After all ,it's a private company not a comedy bar". I said with a rolling eyes

" You need to laughed because I like you" He said boldly

" What?" I replied

" I like you , no I think I'm falling into you. Don't you noticed that I'm only make jokes to you? Cause I want that it makes your day because I like you. Please give me a chance to prove it to you".

" Are you out of your mind? Don't you know that it is prohibited in our company? Do you want to lose you job or maybe you want to lose my job? Make a sense Alex". I shouted to him

" I know that it's prohibited but what should I do ? I like you , I really do. If you want , we can hide this relationship. Your still my Boss and I'm still a low-key security guard in the company. I know that it's hard for us but should we give it a try?"He said with a teary eyes.

" I want too but I'm afraid to try". I replied

" No, you don't need to be afraid . I'm here for you". Alex said

" I have a trust on you. I also like you honestly". I said to him

" Really? So , it's a yes?". He said with a smirk.

" I think yeah?" I said with a smile.

" Uwuu" He said while carrying me.

Since then we started that secret relationship. When we are at the company, we are still like before. He still makes a jokes and I smiled at him then secretly gives him a flying kiss. We go outside sometimes and do something fun like hiking. We didn't recognize that we are almost a year being happy together. But no one still can't notice about our relationship.

It was our first anniversary today and we planned to go to the beach but unfortunately our President calls for an urgent meeting. I don't have a right to not attend to that meeting so we re- sched our plan. But something is weird today, I felt so nervous and I don't know why. I just prefer myself and go to the company immediately. When I arrived there, I was surprised because most of them was looking at me or better to say gossiping about me. I just ignored them and quickly went to the meeting room. Then I saw the president glare at me.

"Oh , you're here" The president

" Good morning ma'am. What's the meeting all about?". I said with a cracking voice

" It's about you". She replied

" Me? What about me?" I said

" How would you explain this?" Then she suddenly point at the projector.

I was shocked on what I saw on the screen. It was random pictures of me and Alex when we have dates.

" So,is it true that you and that security guard is in a relationship ?". The president asked

" Yes, I don't see something wrong about it. In fact, we are doing better at our work" I said proudly.

" Doing better huh? Did you know that security guard is a womanizer? And also you are the hot topic at the company and it can affect to the image of our company". The president shouted at me.

" He's not like that. I'm being with him in the past months and I don't see any girl with him. In fact, I can also access his social media accounts and nothing suspicious there". I answered .

" I don't care about that. You better choose if you break up that security guard or I will fire you now" She said with a high tone voice.

" No need to do that because I already made a decision. I quit this job cause I love him". I casually said to her.

" Really? You choose to give up your career over to that kind of man?" The president asked me with an unbelievable expression.

" Of course, I choose him. Besides I'm happy to be with him and I know it's gonna be a better decision for us". I said then leaves the company immediately

After that, I went to Alex boarding house. I told him everything that happened in the office. It can be seen to his face that he was shocked on what I said. He even said that why I quit on my job if he can be the one who quit there. I understand his situation. I know that he has a family that needs to support. His mother has a disease and he has siblings that needs to send to school. So I decided to give way for him. He cried because of my I said and he promised that he will do everything to makes us happy. And he never disappoint me. Every day that I was with him, I feel that I'm on the safe place. I found the safe haven in his arms. We also continue our plan to go to the beach for our anniversary. Everything was so perfect.

I look for a new job but it seems difficult because of the pandemic. There is no hiring because some of the company also need to reduce their employees because they can't support it anymore. So I have no work until now. But Alex is there to support me and also I have some savings that I can used while I haven't found a new job. We also decided to live in his place. So , we live in one house for about 4 months. I'm happy cause he makes me feel that I am so special to him.

But expect the unexpected. After 3 months, I noticed that something was off about him. He's become busy lately and he makes excuses that he has a new schedule, a longer working schedule actually. Even I doubt it because I also came from that company before , I believe on him. I know that he will never hurt me. But he became worse , sometimes he didn't come home and his excuse? His working schedule again. So because of this, we have a quarrel about it and he shouted at me. It's the first time that he do that to me and he even left at our house after that quarrel. I thought that he will say sorry and gonna explain everything but I was totally wrong. He left me without a word of explanation.

Because his actions become suspicious, I called Mary, one of my friend on my old company. I asked her about the new schedule and she said that the schedule is remain the same. She even said that Alex is always out early at work and sometimes he is absent. It becomes more suspicious now because he didn't go home early and I don't remember that he absent to his work. After hearing that from Mary, I decided to know the fact about it.

Early in the morning when Alex was about to go to his work, I also preparing myself to follow him. Yes , I think I need to follow him now in order to reveal the unrevealed. So he leave the house without saying goodbye to me. I don't mind it and I follow him as I planned. I was surprised because he go to the mall and he even changed his clothes. I still follow him then I was surprised when I saw him kissing with another girl. I can't resist it anymore, I will confront them now. I was about to go to them but they notice me first.

Alex was so surprised to see me there.

"Who's that girl?" I asked

" She's Athena, my girlfriend". Alex answered

" Girlfriend? So, what am I to you? Maid? Leisure?". I said with a cracking voice.

" Look Margaux, I love you but I love her more now. Athena can give me the happiness that you can't give to me. She can satisfy my needs unlike you. It's so stressful to be with you". Alex said to me

I slapped Alex " Stressful huh? Don't you remember what I sacrifice for you? I left my job because of you. I left my family for you. Then you have a guts to say that to me".

He said " It's your choice not mine. In fact, you are the one who choose to quit the job and live with me. Please ,let's stop this relationshit stuff. I'm tired to be with you. I'm sorry but maybe can we start over but not with each other anymore".

I was left alone dumbfounded and crying. I don't why he do this to me. His right, I'm the one who choose love over my career. I thought that our love will last long forever but it becomes lust. Now, I left alone and don't know where to begin again. I realize that most of my friends are right to their warning about Alex but I didn't listen to them. It's sounds funny but I guess love is too blind right? I'm wrong cause I choose that man over my successful career. Now that he leaves me, there's nothing left to me. I don't know how to move on but I believe that all wounds will heal at the right time. I hope when we see each other again , I have a guts to face at him and smile like nothing really happens. I'm tired and I guess it's the ending that I've never expected.

Closing Thought

It is not bad to fall in love, in fact it's very natural to us. But don't forget to love and give yourself a worth. Based on the song " Too much love will kill you" and I believe on that . Too much love will kill you not only emotionally but also mentally and physically. Choose yourself first and give what you deserve.

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