A Gentle Reminder to my Fellow Youth

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They think that if you’re young, then your brain you can’t use. They make fake realities that they hand you. They stuff it in your ears as if you can’t hear the truth: the power’s in the hands of the youth!

-Lyrics from the song " The Power" by Karim Rushdy

Being a youth only happens once in a lifetime. I believe that in this stage of life, we can experience so much difficulties especially on our decisions. We also carries greater expectations and pressure from people besides us. It's also a battle between our principles and mind. But one good thing about being youth is a chance to us to be a better version of our life.

I can say that my life as a youth is not easy as you think. I've been experienced so much defeat and disappointments. I even lost some of my friends. But on the other hand ,here I am sharing my thoughts and the lessons that I've learned from being one of those who called the "Future Hope" of our country. So without further ado, let me tell you some of my reminders and lessons that I've wanted to impart to my fellow youth.

As a Youth,

1. You should learn how to voice out your true feelings and opinion about a certain thing.

Sometimes , it only needs one voice to have a better change. Don't be afraid to speak up if you see something wrong about something. As much as we speak up, adults understand us better. Don't let your fear be bigger than the words you want to share.

2. Learn how to be independent

It's not bad to asking help if necessary but also don't depend too much on others. As a youth, we should also learn how to grow on our own and also we should take responsibility in every actions that we've made. We are no longer a kid, we must set our own goals and process to achieve it.Learn to deal with your own battle.

3. Attitude really matters.

Having a positive attitude is one of the key in order to achieve your goals in life. Stay humble and don't ever think that you are greater than others. Besides from that, if you know that you do something wrong, don't be afraid to say sorry and take consequences seriously.

4. Be confident and be wise all the time

Being confident doesn't mean that you need to be boastful instead you should be proud of being you. Just accept the fact that you are not perfect and you are prone to commit mistakes. Also, be wise and admit that you need to learn something new in order to strive and survive.

5. Enjoy your life.

Even it's hard and we can't guarantee our future , one thing that we can do is to enjoy our own life. Choose the things that makes you happy and surround yourself with a positive people. It can really help you to be a better you.

6. In order to attain success, first you need to sacrifice

There is no successful human being who don't sacrifice something important to them. Sometimes you need to sacrifice your time and your patience to achieve what you want to achieve.


Final Thought

Youth is the best time to be a worthy human being. It's the time when we should act according to what we think is right. Always be true to yourself and believe me that every thing will gonna be ok. We , as a youth can also take a bigger role to a community We are inevitable and proves that we our truly the future's hope. Don't dream to be perfect rather dream to be better. Padayon to all youth that strive on their life. Success is on your way, just keep on pushing .

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Indeed, attitude, confident and self esteem is the things youth have to improve.

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