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Someone Has Just Invented Bitcoin Cash Water Tanker

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3 weeks ago

A good adoption strategy

Bitcoin Cash Needs Adoption; think 🤔 out best ways of making it happen

My tanker could be the first BCH water tanker of the world.

In today’s article, we will try and look into some micro strategies that could help your community and your markets to know about Bitcoin Cash, and for its adoption.

Trust me, I doesn’t just say things; I do things.

Bitcoin cash money is limitless in nature, and it’s a project that recognizes efforts of everyone that supports it irrespective of how huge or how minute the contribution is.

Not everyone can code, and not everyone can analyze. But anyone could really be part of Bitcoin can in one way or another. Some may be at the backend doing the underlying things as regards to Bitcoin Cash project while some may be visible on the streets campaigning for adoption.

In which area you’re, what matters is adding values to the project.

Could my water tanker be the first Bitcoin Cash water tanker in the whole wide world?

If my guess is right, then it’s a history in making. It all started with a water scarcity in my community, and I trying to ease the problem of water in my community; utilizing Bitcoin Cash.

I took some loan, and augmented it with other supports that I’ve been receiving through my articles. I built a water irrigation system where water could be stored for my community.

Then I realized that I could further my BCH adoption campaign by utilizing what I have already; my water project, my farming adventure etc. in projecting the feasibility of Bitcoin Cash and it’s adoption. Then, I seized the opportunity.

Sometimes it may take a lot to make good things happen

I took my water tanker to mechanical ⚙️ engineers for few reasons:

1: To add more volume to the water tank.

2: To get it ready for BCH adoption campaign and marketing.

3: To establish more strong and working connection between my community and Bitcoin Cash through my water project.

My artist is currently working on BCH artistic works on the tanker which includes BCH logo drawing ✍️. I’m also getting my wallet scan code ready for Bitcoin Cash payment during my water sales. It’s important to have a stick with inscription as this ‘we accepts Bitcoin Cash’.

The uniqueness of supplying water with BCH water tanker

I know that I could make for myself a customized t-shirt, a cap 🧢 and some BCH tattoos, but that alone may not afford people the opportunity to really test-run Bitcoin Cash real usage as money.

Then I decided to venture further by thinking 🤔 out another better adoption strategy that could give my community and my country the opportunity to buy water with Bitcoin Cash at an affordable rate.

You know, almost all water suppliers deals with fiat in my community, but this is the first time that we’re offering masses the opportunity to buy water with digital money which is a plus to their ledger.

Now, without saying a word, huge number of people could see, and read about Bitcoin Cash through my water tanker which permeates into all the streets, neighborhoods and towns. Most importantly, not just that people now have a better chance of knowing about Bitcoin Cash, but I’m also giving them a live platform to use in transacting with Bitcoin cash.

My truck is now waiting for it’s tank which is currently undergoing some adjustment

The project that I’ve just embarked on is not an easy one as it demands for a lots of funds, time, and energy. But I’m totally grateful to Bitcoin Cash community for your constant support.

I will from time to time bring updates on how my water project + Bitcoin Cash adoption is complimenting each other.

I and my team are also trying to build a Bitcoin Cash community of users and merchants, it’s also needful that a proper orientation is given. All these I’m putting into consideration through our Bitcoin Cash meetups.

Not forgetting Bitcoin Cash House which I started 2020. Hopefully, sooner or later, it’ll be ready. This proposed house will serve as Bitcoin Cash hub for entrepreneurs, for youths and for my community members at large.

In conclusion

Don’t just talk the talk; but always do the talk if it’s good and profitable to humanity. Therefore, I advocate for permissionless money; BCH.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Bitcoin Cash is serious taking it’s front position as the only feasible and workable digital money of the world.

This is my Bitcoin Cash adoption work. Meaning that every Bitcoin Cash Angel 👼 could also think of a way to help others know and to adopt Bitcoin Cash money.

Maybe you have a better plan for Bitcoin Cash adoption; don’t waste time, go ahead and help yourself out. Someone is waiting for a miracle of freedom, you could be a tool to that miracle.

Thanks for reading my update. Please if you like my work, do a little favor for me; subscribe to my blog page for more articles from me.

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Written by   209
3 weeks ago
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