Pineapple 🍍 orchard at Bitcoin Cash farm

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9 months ago

Remember that there’re many sections and departments inside my farm. I’m delighted to bring to you some updates

It’s Monday, the beginning of working days of the week. We all have different disciplines, professions and occupations. I’m an entrepreneur and a farmer. My farm activities gives me great joy, and today happened to be another day of fun at my farm.

These pineapple orchard is two months old. We’re looking at having about 5000 pineapple trees by the end of 2023. The suckers aren’t too expensive but to find them in big quantity is hard. Currently my wife visits local fruit sellers to collect from their waste bin good pineapple suckers thrown away by those local fruit sellers.

We’ve gotten around 400 pineapple plant now that are growing inside the farm, and they need good irrigation to grow faster during drought. Pineapple naturally has immunity over drought, but we consider it safer to water them alongside other seedlings in the farm.

It’ll take up to a year before these pineapples will produce fruits.

I sent some of my workers out to fetch for staking woods for our cucumber planting, while I myself watered many sections of the farm that includes pawpaw section, pineapple section, groundnut section and coconut section.

We have hybrid pawpaw and coconut trees in BCH multipurpose farm. These pawpaw trees has stayed just 4 months in our farm and has started producing.

I know you’ll like to see the fruiting pawpaw trees. The above picture could help you see how tender those hybrid pawpaws are before producing fruits.

It’s dry season, and drought is heavy presently. It takes a lot to water such big farm. In my country presently. There’s fuel scarcity which makes it impossible for most farmers to irrigation their farm lands using petrol irrigation machines as they ought to.

This is not pawpaw season, though the season isn’t far gone in Nigeria, but our species does well with good irrigation plan. If we’re able to irrigate the farm very well, then we’ll be hopeful for good response from the trees. Looking at the pawpaw trees, they’re doing well as you can see from the pictures above. We’ll like to have a bountiful harvest by the end of April and May.

Please keep your eyes on our page for constant updates here.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in farming or doing things like this, feel free to comment and tell me how I could be of help.

Thanks so much for visiting Max’s BitcoinCash farm. See you next time.

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