Building fish ponds; learn from my progress and mistakes

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Building fish ponds; learn from my progress and mistakes

Finished ponds

Note: All pictures are original and are mine, and can only be used for reference and teaching purposes.

Welcome to Max farm. It has been a very long time that I brought updates here on due to my busy schedule. I’ve been engaged in so many project phases inside my multipurpose farm.

It’s my pleasure to take out time and share things with friends here.

Do you like farming but don’t know where or how to start?

Here I am! Few years back, I could said to be like you; didn’t know much about agriculture and farming, but I have passion for it. I ventured into farming and found it interesting.


Let’s talk little about fishery today. Previously, I didn’t know much about fishery but it was very interesting to me that I decided to have a fishery section inside my multipurpose farm.

I’ll start with my true life experience on my fishery business. Indeed, I’ve encountered many successes and failures in my adventures with fish farming. I started with feasibility studies associated with fish farming which I may need to put in place before attempting fish farming.

Fish farming requirements

*Investment capital

*Good sustainable water supply

*Fish ponds

*Vendor or other farmers selling fingerlings

*Feeds and drugs

These became me my most concerned areas amongst many other requirements. I had the challenge of water which has been solved, I’ll tell you how it happened at the right time.

I’ll also take you the process that I took in building my fish ponds as you can see from the picture above.

I started by deciding on how many ponds to start with, the type of fish ponds that I need and the size of ponds needed for my fish farming startup.

Before pond construction

I decided to have about five fish ponds of about 12 feet by 15 feet long each which can take up to 15,000 fingerlings (baby fishes) I called pond builder to help me. I didn’t get adequate advice on building the ponds which lead to learning it the hard way for me.

Looking at the picture above, we marked the foundation and started digging. Looking deeply at the picture above, you may be able to see pegs that we pinned inside the ground as guide to the measurements, as well as maintaining straight lines.

Foundation digging process

The foundations were measured 2ft wide and 2ft 8inches deep, it has one straight line of which rooms were later drafted out at equal 5 pond proportions.

After the foundation, we used concrete to cast base for block laying, we also used rods to form pillars at each joint that forms individual rooms. see below picture.

Foundation block level

The foundation level was later completed, leveled with clay soils, solidified by driving around and on top of the foundation with pickup vehicle loaded with sand.

Please consider our work as presented on those pictures and see if you could identify any place or phase that was not properly done. I’ll love to have some comments from engineers and architects here on their observations concerning the construction of my fish ponds.

I’ll stop here for now, promising to continue on this topic until I’m able to tell all my experiences on the construction of my fish ponds. Meanwhile, the construction is still ongoing, fishes hasn’t been introduced into the farm.

Other part of the story may have you marveled at my experience on the process of building such fish pond capacity.

Someone may also want to know how much he or she might need to start fish farming. It depends on size of the structure and the scope you may want to cover on fish farming. But I promise that after following my story line on my fishery adventure, you may be properly guided on how to follow it up.

Thanks for coming around, until next time.

This is your real friend Max.

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Thank you for the update.

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Thanks so much Telesfor for coming around the update post. I also appreciate your encouragement and support

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