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BCH Impact In Africa. A Remarkable History For Generations

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1 month ago

BCH powered irrigation system in Africa. 1st Underground reservoir update.

Beauty is good, fame is awesome, power is admirable, money is good, but LIFE and GOOD HEALTH are the greatest of them all.

I have opportunity to know about many crypto projects since 2016 but non has impacted my, my family, my community like BCH and its community has done. Far away in one of hottest continents of the world; Africa, BCH could reach out to impact humanity without middle men and brokers. Purely P2P; uninterruptible global no-barrier finance.


I like doing research on the things happening around our world, but after all, I preferred writing about my own experience. Maybe someday someone may also find help, succor, or motivation through my true stories.

Update to my BCH powered water scheme

The purpose of this initiative in Nigeria West Africa, is to save lives from deadly waterborne diseases killing people in my community. You may like to read other articles that I’ve made, and related topics.

The picture below is the source of our problem which BCH is helping to solve; bad drinking water.

This is all we can lay hold at as drinkable water in my community in West Africa.

We lack potable water 🚰 so that people are left with no choice than to be dying while consuming this type of highly contaminated water. Mind you, the picture is mine and original, that’s my plastic water reservoir dispensing bad water. That’s all that we’ve got, yet we’re buying it with huge amount of money because water vendors are supplying them from afar.

That’s how I started this clean water project. I want to do this for generations unborn before I kiss the dust. Yes, there’s no greater achievement than impacting humanity positively while alive!

With BCH, with good people of the earth, we can give hope to more children like my daughter Kaima

For my daughter and other children in my neighborhood, they need a healthy life, but they can only achieve that if we stop them from drinking contaminated water.

Thanks to @emergent_reasons who kickstarted this project with a loan of $3000 worth of Bitcoin Cash.

Last time I listed my successes and challenges on the water project, I also promised to update the community on the processes that we’re going through.

I told and showed you about the heavy rock hindered our deep water well that supposed to give us water at all season. There is good news. I’ve found a civil engineer who suggests that electric Concret Drilling Machine may help. He raised a proposal for helping with the equipment but I’ve not approved it due to amount attached to it. He quoted a sum of 150,000 of our fiat currency which is around $315 to drilling out the stone. But he’s yet to agree with my terms and conditions. He requested for 80% advance payment and I suggested 25% advance, and to pay the remaining if he’s able to remove the rock. I have to be careful not to waste resources on something that is not certain about the magnitude; I mean the rock.

Remember that I told you that I’m also taking up option B which is a construction of underground water reservoirs to secure rain water during rainy seasons.

The starting point

The underground reservoir is measured 6ft width, 21ft length, and 15ft depth. It can contain up to 30,000 liters of rain water during rainy season.

I removed some part of my block wall to enable removal of sands

This reservoir will take up to $2500 to be completed considering the cost of digging, concretes, cement, rods, sands, water, and workers’ wages.

I’ve spent almost 80% of the $3000 loan on the deep well which is on hold for now.

Progression continues

As at writing, the underground reservoir has reached around 10ft deep. Due to financial uncertainty, I’m undertaking some of the aspects of job by myself; like removing the sand off around the pit to allow space for workers inside the pit. This is too much for me, but I’m left with no option unless if I could raise fund that will take care of that too.

A selfie during stressful work hours

I made a provision to utilize those sands coming out from the pit. They’re used to fill up the foundation of the web3 hub and BCH house which I’m putting up. This house will serve as a meetup venue where my community will be taught about blockchain, BCH, cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship.

BCH house foundation

I’ve successfully filled the foundation single handed. I was able to save up to $420 doing this.

Now that the foundation is filled, I’ve started heaping the remaining sand somewhere which is going to be utilized someday for another thing. I don’t believe in wasting resources and materials.

Max in action: a sacrifice that will remain when I’m far gone

My motivation is you! My motivation is also seeing smiles on people’s faces when their problems are solved. @emergent_reasons @Koush and soo many other brothers at BCH has put smiles on my face by so many means of encouragement.

I don’t want to see children suffering and dying out of diseases that could easily be managed or stopped; these has been my motivation!

My workers taking water from my tank to their houses

With you by my side, I believe that one day, not just few, but the entire community will be coming to fetch potable water from here and we will engrave BCH logo on the water well.

Thanks again for your support. The support I got from my previous update were used to pay workers some of their wages, and was also used in molding blocks for the underground reservoir.

We need 1000 solidified blocks for the underground reservoir

I wish I could be able to finish this project before rainy and farming season.

Right now I’m also harvesting some of my last season’s crops. Crops like yam are being harvest and stored for sale, for consumption, and for giveaways.

Yam tubas from my farm.


People aren’t rich just by turning their ledgers; but by the largeness of their heart! Do you have a story to tell? Please let it out. The world is yours, please make it good!

Good bye for now.

Yours Max.BCH

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Written by   152
1 month ago
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Great work Dear, continue doing this kind of work. You are a blessing to your countrymen! Good luck and more power.

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3 weeks ago

I appreciate your encouragement.

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3 weeks ago

Hello Max. Thanks for the update and the many photos. I can really see how your project is progressing. I am very happy to see that. I wish you much success.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Aww 🥰! Thanks so much dear @Telesfor I’m happy too seeing so much encouragement coming around from you guys.

I remain grateful to you friends.

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1 month ago

Great job dear 😘

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1 month ago


$ 0.00
1 month ago

Thank you for this report, going to share it right away.

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1 month ago

Thanks a lot Koush for being a wonderful friend.

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1 month ago

That's a lot of giant bricks! How can you afford both the well and reservoir?

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Thanks for coming around @emergent_reasons

Both underground reservoir and deep water well needs each other. If we successfully finished the deep water we’ll, we can pump time to time from it, then store them in underground reservoir for distribution while the deep water well recharges.

If we (lost) deep water well to the rock, then we manage the rain water which will be stored in the underground reservoir still.

I must come up with something to generate returns. Remember, I have a loan to offset!

Hope you can understand why I’m taking that additional task?

For additional funding, I don’t know how, but I’m confident that help will continue to come.

I’m also looking out for jobs to do to generate more income too for the task ahead.

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1 month ago

Thanks for explaining. Yes it makes sense, especially if rock stops the well. If the well gets through the rock to full depth, will you continue the reservoir?

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yes. Especially when the condition of our soil doesn’t allow a speedy recharge of water (for the bore well). We can always augment with rain waters.

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1 month ago