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2 years ago

Saving lives in the continent of Africa through clean water 💦 supply

My people doesn’t have access to good drinking water 💧

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My activities today evolved more on the challenges facing my community here in Africa which has claimed so many lives and continues to claim my people year after year.

No good water supply.

Let me start with a little history of my area. When the colonial masters invaded us many years ago, they discovered coal in Enugu where I reside now, that’s from where we derived our slogan that says: Enugu the coal city.

Nigeria gained much in exportation of coal, as well as in using them in railway 🚃 supply for firing train locomotive 🚂 engines.

But apart from the positive side of the coal discovered in Enugu, the negative side turned to be more dreadful to the survival of humans and livestock living around Enugu metropolis.

It turned out that there’s no water underneath for boreholes; everywhere is sealed and totally occupied with coals.

It is almost impossible for engineering and drills to obtain water within the state capital and some nearby towns.

This has affected us heavily up till today. Many have lost their lives from waterborne diseases while many are being hospitalized from time to time.

My people do treat typhoid and malaria every now and then, I myself just recovered recently from it.

What should be the solution to this water problem?

In as much as the government is trying their best to salvage the situation by supplying water from other states, they’re not meeting the water needs of the people especially those in the outskirts of the state capital.

Recently, I started some research on how to solve this problem my little way; at least to be able to secure lives of my neighbors and my community who are suffering as a result of no access to portable drinking water.

I researched and found out that there’s a company, a foreign company in Nigeria; they reside here in Enugu for now. What they do is that they are tackling this problem of water by establishing a manual deep water wells, they tackles the coal beneath with their sophisticated equipments.

I’ve talked with them on drilling a water well for me which will solve our water problems. I took much of my time today to do market survey for the materialsImage credit: and tools demanded by them.

Water purification system

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Drilling a water well is the first step in my project, but second important phase is on making the water ready for consumption.

In this case, I’ve done a thorough research on a decentralized water purification method which is affordable. If all things being equal, I’ll undertake that water purification system after the drilling phase is completed.

Charcoal Biochar water treatment

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This is a beautiful system that I studied on the internet which may save lives of my poor friends and brothers in Africa

You can read the full articles on how one can get water purified with simple method of using charcoal, gravels and sands.

More on this new project of mine shall continue to be unfolding. It’s something that will require some money that I don’t even have, but I believe that a problem known and shared is half solved

Thanks for coming around today, and thanks for reading through.

Your support is highly appreciated!

Stay safe friend


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2 years ago


The problems of water supply is a very big one in Africa, like in some part of my contrt here Nigeria. We believe people can still change that.

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2 years ago

I’m happy that you could relate to how serious it is here in Nigeria 🇳🇬

Thanks for reading through dear.

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2 years ago

Thank you very much sir, I appreciate your effort in finding time to potray such efforts in compiling this article which aims at unleashing problems faced by African countries.

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2 years ago

This a project that will attract foreign investors who are willing to help great minds in touching lives in Africa.

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2 years ago

That's for sure. I pray the vision of the project come to pass.

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2 years ago