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What if

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1 year ago

Decided to do this out of boredom, a challenge based on @expelliarmus30's post titled "what if".

I'm just here to have some fun, let's do this together.

What if you could make money grow from trees in your backyard?

Then I will automatically become a farmer, I will only go to high school to study about the plantation of such tree and I will plant more, I will even plant await my unborn children in which I'm going to tag there names on it in form of investment as they grow the tree also grows too, until the tree is matured enough to harvest more money.

What if we were born during a zombie apocalypse, where would you have chosen to grow up?

That won't have been an option to me because the child's life will be full of frustration, and the parents will also be restless. Zombies are demonic somehow I don't think it will be possible for any child to survive that era

What if you had to give up one thing between watching television or surfing the internet?

I will give up watching television I can do without watching television for months as long as I'm with my phone and I have internet connection, the programme I watched most is live matches and I have an application on my phone that I can use to watch any league of my choice. I can do without watching television for days but I can't do without internet surf for 12hours.

What if money was never an issue in your life? Where would you be at this exact moment?

If money was never an issue I would have completed my tour dream by now because I always have this feelings that I wish to travel to 25 different countries in the world with my family and go for picnics several times.

My son would have been in Spain (Barcelona Academy) to start up his football career. If that ever exist....

What if you lost the ability to see all colors apart from one? Which one would it be?

My favorite color is green, but I prefer red in case that's the only colour I can see. Because it is applied in so many fields, it stand for danger in some areas. In traffic lights is save as stop, in automobiles it serves as indicators which calls our attentions to different disorders that might happen if not noticed on time.

What if you could live anywhere in the world for as long as you wanted? Where would you live?

-dubai or Manchester city maybe.

What if you could only talk while rapping or singing?

That is creepy, the purpose of communication would be lost because audience might hardly understand you, and once our audience can not understand the message that is been passed across then communication as not taken place.

What if you had three powerful wishes? What would you wish for?

I will ask for wealth, long life to enjoy my wealth be to live for 200years and lastly for peace to reign all over the world. I think by so doing the world would be a better place to live. Only if that could ever be possible.

What if you could choose between being famous or having fortunes?

I will be having fortunes because once I'm fortunes I would surely become famous due to the fact that i would be affecting life positively and people will know me by so doing then i will be famous.

What if you were alone in your house, and you heard doors opening and closing at night?

That's wired somehow because I would be scared and several thoughts will be going on in my mind because I don't know what could be the cause may be it's a ghost or something else I won't be able to sleep all my thoughts will be on the cause of the incidence and I might remain restless.

What if you could make a short message for the whole world? What would it be?

That will be "let love lead", even the Bible made us understand that if you have all the spiritual gifts you can mention and you don't have the spirit of love that it is as good as nothing. Love keeps us moving, growth and people will not only do whatever that suits them but their neighbour into consideration also.

What if you could walk on the walls and the ceiling without falling?

Then I will be immorality I will only ask for and additional power, that would be the ability to also walk on water, then I can travel to different countries within a very short period of time

And those are just some of the questions I answered.

Feel free to also do this challenge, simply answer the questions above and have some fun.

There are many other questions out there that are very nice but I just didn't choose to answer because I'm having a hard time figuring out what to answer. You can mention or tag me if you will do the this. I'm interested in your answers as well.

Thank you very much for reading.

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Written by   8
1 year ago
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A lot of thanks for joining this fun or I can say accepting the what if challenge. Nice choice for choosing the red color because you are right it can also help people to avoid danger.

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1 year ago