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The meaning of life is to bear

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1 year ago

I have been asked many times, "What is the meaning of life?" Often, the word "after all" is added after "life".

I think the question of "what is the meaning of life" is, in essence, a questioning of the "future tense" starting from the "present tense" and a questioning of one's own destiny. Only people in the world care about their own destiny. The word "destiny" means what will happen in the future. It is by no means a word that merely reflects the "present tense".

The question "What is the meaning of life" is related to people's ideological activities. Ancient and modern, at home and abroad, there are thousands of answers and various kinds of answers. I also answered this question, but my answer was different each time, and I was not satisfied with each answer.

Generally speaking, children and adolescents are not very good at asking "what is the meaning of life", but they believe that life always has some meaning, waiting for them to grow up to experience it. Elderly people are not very good at asking "what is the meaning of life", so who do they ask? Middle-aged people often ask "what's the meaning of life", asking each other or talking to themselves. Everything seems to be self-explanatory, so they get some kind of psychological support and comfort from each other. Because they are under pressure, pressure often makes them extra clear about the meaning of life. Their interpretation of the meaning of life is-responsibility.

Yes, responsibility is meaning. Responsibility has almost become the greatest meaning of the life of most ordinary people in middle-aged people. Responsibility to the previous generation, responsibility to children, responsibility to the family, responsibility to the work unit and profession. People only realize when they are middle-aged. It turns out that they have been looking forward to growing up quickly to pursue and appreciate the meaning of life. In addition to the various responsibilities and obligations, what is left to oneself is something else that belongs to oneself. The meaning of life is really not too much. When they are old, they will even continue to weigh their own meaning in life with their responsibilities and obligations.

In the eyes of some young people, the meaning of life is enjoyment. They have not suffered much, nor have they experienced major ups and downs. In their view, the world is beautiful, and life must enjoy the beauty in front of them. If they have experienced some difficulties, they have more reasons-people living in this world are so hard, not enjoying themselves and being sorry.

Actually, this is quite wrong. I have a conclusion that the so-called "meaning of life" is composed of at least three parts: one is the feeling of pure self, the other is the feeling of loving oneself and being loved by oneself, and the other is the society and the millions. The feelings of millions of others.

When a young man heard the girl he was eager to marry him say "I do," he immediately felt that his life was full and meaningful. Then it was purely self-conscious. The meaning of Edison's life was embodied in people all over the world who enjoyed the inventions of electric lights and telephones; the meaning of Lincoln's life was embodied in the liberated slaves in the United States at that time. If a person only pursues the so-called meaning of life from pure self-feelings, then he or she must end up with very little. At most, I can only get one third. But if a person's life lacks a lot of meaning in terms of pure self, even though the nature of his life is very noble, then while gaining respect, it must also arouse sympathy. This is an imbalance between self-worth and social value.

Power, wealth, status, and an incomparably noble lifestyle, none of these can constitute the meaning of life alone. And those who are brave enough to take responsibility, even if they are humble, can be said to be great to those who love us and are loved by us! Because he has fulfilled his responsibilities, he has assumed his own obligations. Such a person, although ordinary and small, deserves admiration.

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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