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I learnt a lot yesterday and today during the Ed-el-Kabir celebration of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Despite the economy of the country and the world at large, thousands of rams were killed.

In my little journey through the nooks and crannies of the community, I saw children eating to their satisfaction and also throwing away and cracking bones, I smiled and waved at them as I passed by.

Not long afterwards, I came across a little girl (young and beautiful) she was looking so hungry and lonely, I walked up to her and asked if she was alright, she nodded in affirmation but I wasn't convinced she was okay so I further asked if she mind sharing her mind with me.

She raised her head and tears rolled down her cheek, I moved closer, held her by the shoulder, wiped her tears and whispered IT IS WELL, STOP CRYING.

After I made lots of efforts to calm her were successful, I asked her tenderly why she was alone, she told me about her family, she said unlike every other family, they have no ram to make a good delicacy and give out to people as to celebrate the festival.

She further said her parents can't afford to get her a new cloth for the Ramadan celebration like every other children in the area hence, she had no friend, neither is she loved by anyone because they feel she's poor and not of standard due to the faded colour of are dresses. (My heart melts).

Then I made her realized that;



She was happy to hear someone actually cared about her.

I bought her snacks and drink and gave her a token to make her day..

She was so happy, hurried inside to show her mum what her new friend bought her.

I could see the joy in her mum's face as she walked out of their building with little Saidat(the girl)

After exchanging pleasantries, she persuaded me to come in. We had a lengthy talks about life generally, at a point I can't help tears rolling down my eyes as I watch the poor widow bury her head in between her lap weeping.

I gave her reasons to smile again. At the end of our discussion, gave her enough money to put food on her table and foot some bills.

As I set to leave, little Saidat asked if I could stay a little longer, I wish I could but I nodded in the negative.

She was sad I was leaving her, and ask where I was heading to.

I replied I had a date with my friends at a cinema.

She asked if she could go with me, (honestly I wasn't ready to see her sad again,) so I said YES.

She ran inside to change her dress ( it wasn't different from the first one though, the colours faded),

She was so glad to see a movie with MastaDee and friends.

She sat right beside me at the cinema and I could see the excitement as she followed every scene with her popcorn and Chapman.

When the movie was over, I got her extra bags of popcorn and drinks for herself and mum, then took her home, handed her over to get mum and waved GOODNIGHT

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Please I'm open for sponsorship. Thanks everyone and I'm glad to resume fully on the community. I opened this account but went days without using it, but I'm back to using it. Get ready and be expectant. I will be sharing my experience here each day. I hope I can meet new friends and family here. Thanks.

General note to everyone

The position you are in today is not the worse. We have people facing things worse than that. Hungry kids, kids saddled with the responsibility of fending for themselves and their siblings at a very tender age.

It's on us to help them in anyway we can. Nothing is too small to give to them. From the little you have ,try to touch the lives of others. Put a smile on a kid's face today.

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