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Who am I?

I am a cryptocurrency trader, a cryptocurrency YouTuber, and a business owner doing marketing, media consulting and promotion for various cryptocurrency projects. I’ve done media and promotion (front and back end) with over 30 companies in crypto.

My business is called Beyond Associates, which provides transparent marketing, business development, brand building, media solutions, and professional events for blockchain companies globally.


Prior to my involvement with cryptocurrency, I worked in healthcare at the largest infectious disease company in the world. My role consisted of working with newly diagnosed and existing patients to coordinate their care. This involved coordinating the care of over three hundred patients per monthly between all healthcare providers. I also played an important role in implementing a new CRM database and I was the Lead Trainer for the new system conversion nationwide. Towards the end of my career in healthcare, I was in charge of integrating social media into my companies marketing efforts for my department as a source of new clients.


I became interested in cryptocurrency & blockchain technology in late 2017. I was in a transitional time of my life, I had a one-year-old and was in the process of quitting my job in healthcare that I had for seven years—I was searching and praying for a change.


I remember calling my husband and telling him I was going to take some money from savings and invest in Bitcoin. After buying this magic internet money, I began researching and soon found that blockchain technology would not only revolutionize & improve the quality of life but that it would also provide financial reformation for people globally. The next week my investment tanked 28%, which had me more intrigued. The volatility was exciting, and I began to invest more and start to trade. Keep in mind, I had no idea what I was doing. I would buy alts and profit. However, I didn’t realize we were in the bull run, and my luck would soon run out. Bitcoin hit 20K, and I held on to all my investment positions and soon was left REKT.

From there, I figured I would teach myself how to trade and understand why I didn’t see the big drop coming. I did, I bought two used technical analysis books on eBay and practiced daily.

YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

So I taught myself to trade using technical analysis. Once I felt confident enough, I began posting my content on Twitter and IG, and people liked it. My account and online presence grew, from there I started hosting free crypto meetups in Los Angles, and they grew as well.

From here, I started a YouTube channel to live stream my meetups and crypto companies began to take notice. I began being asked to do promotional interviews and project reviews. With the income from trading and marketing, I was able to travel across the country to conferences and able to work from home while in school and taking care of my daughter.

My Life Now

Currently, I trade part time due to my schedule and work doing marketing, consulting and media for various crypto projects in the space and focus on transparency. I’ve done media and promotion (front and back end) with over 30 companies in crypto. Currently, I’m focused on hosting my Daily Crypto with Wendy O show on YouTube (which airs three-fourX week), marketing advisor for The Tour De Crypto Charity, Advisor for Rapids, Marketing and Community Growth for Monetary Unit, and hosting meetups and traveling

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2 years ago
Topics: Blog, Writing, Story, Cryptocurrency, Life, ...