What is the Bitcoin white paper

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2 years ago

A technical manifestation, Bit Koh White Paper was released to learn, share and enjoy all under the IM public license in 2008. "I am working on a new electronic cash system that is completely peer peer, without any reliable third party." These were the words that the creator of the Caschat Katu, Satyshi Nakimo, greet the world in an email released by a half-year-old white paper. By today, nobody knows who is a surnayy. After April 23, 2011, after one signing the email, there was no technical description, but a newly document, but a new document, which was the first document, which was printed with secret secretary, confidently, Mindle, toe, from Merchant, to Monday, which was mainly prepared to become transparent and censorship-resistant, and also financially left behind. In the hands of the person. At this time, due to the risk of millions of dollars' money to millions of dollars worth of financial markets and banks, the world had wrapped this economic crisis. This document is based on which is considered the first functional digital currency that runs through the divided ledger technology that is called Blockchain. One of the many basic elements of the electronic payment system, it was that it solved the long-term "double-spent" problem, which has cash cash. By the implementation of time stamp transactions, universally certified by the distribution network of the distribution, now it was not possible to spend two times in the same fund for a person. White Paper was released to learn, share and enjoy all under the IT public license in 2008.

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