What is Chemistry and their benifiet in daily life

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2 years ago
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"Chemistry is the branch of science in which we study about the matter or we study the properties, reactions, of matter"

Chemistry have many branches,

Organic, inorganic, Analytical, physiacl, Enviromental, Biochemistry etc Chemistry has many other branches but the above is the big and also relation with daily life is strong.

Maximium number of student said that the Chemistry is difficult and its the language of jeen. Lol haha

But in real chemistry is very easy but want more study.

Chemistry is very strong relation with daily life activities, chemistry is used in Food product, Washing product ( Soda), Cleaning agent, Dehydrating agent, waer product, Clothes, toth paste etc. Without Chemistry life cannot exist. Beacuse Chemistry is necassary for life.

If you donot know the benifiet of things then how you says its good for life, only chemistry is said to us this thing is good for eating, or good for wearning, or good for cleaning etc. When your Chemistry will strong then you will spend happy and healthy life.

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