pakistani Governoment was refused from giving job to this guys. After that international record

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At the end of last year, an important news came out that clarivate analytics (clarivate analytics) has added Pakistani computer scientist Dr. Mubashir rahmani to one of the best researchers in the world. In the field of computer science, this honor is considered to be as important as the Nobel Prize. Dr Mubasher was considered deserving of the honor on the basis of the best research papers.

Every year clearweight releases a list of researchers and creative articles working on the problems facing the world. The fresh list includes 26 Nobel laureates, including 6,000 400 researchers in 21 fields. This list is given to the best research papers around the world so that researchers, scientists and students can benefit from fresh articles and new developments in different fields.

Introduction to Pakistani young Dr Mubasher rahmani in cleary weight's fresh list, listed as the most influential computer scientist of this decade and written about he wrote more than 100 research papers and analytical reports. Along with his 12 research subjects were included as references by computer science researchers in his research. That is, his work was appreciated using his work as a certificate.

Mubashir hussain rahmani is also the author of 3 books. A book is on the subject of chain technology. Other topics are transportation and power, grid in smart cities and wireless wireless network.

Cover of mubashir hussain rahmani's book transportation and power grid in smart cities

Dr Mubashir hussain's initial and professional education took place in Karachi. From becoming an engineer to cleryweight

Been mentally confused many times

Mubashir hussain says that in different periods of education and life, today's young people suffer from mental stress many times. Good marks, good college admission and then good job pressure. Dr Mubashir said that we need to understand and understand our youth and where they are asked to take care of exercise and food to maintain health and fitness, make them realize that mental health is equally important and it is important for us to take care of our family and friends. Encourage them to make timely decisions and make their positive minds.

Dr Mubashir said that he also felt depression many times. 'it has certainly been a difficult thing for everyone to make different decisions, but my good fortune has been that my family, especially the sisters and mufti naeem, who helped me get out of this pressure.'

Dr Mubashir recalled that 'there were 2 ways to get professional education after inter. Get admission in an Ned university, where I was not getting admission in software technology field, while mehran was my first in entry test of engineering and technology university and I was also getting technology 'computer system engineering' of my will Although it is the dream of every young man to get admission in Ned university, I got admission in mehran university with the advice of home elders and my teacher. If there were no family and teacher guidance, I would have been confused and could not complete my education with monotony '.

Many work at a time, but how?

'in a normal life where I am a computer scientist, a researcher, a teacher I am also a father, a brother, and a husband,' Dr Mubasher says. As a husband I also have a home responsibility. So I had to make a journal of myself and set my priorities accordingly. It is determined that if I have to achieve my target, I must work hard and live according to priorities.

'I get up early in the morning and I read surah yaseen in the morning, and believe in the hadith that Allah himself takes responsibility for the works of the one who reads surah yaseen. It doesn't mean that I don't do any work, it means that my mind will open up and I will be able to do more and better.

'all our work is international level research and all this is possible only when I will be calm and refreshed. At the same time I give full time to my kids. Leave them to school and take them. Do children's homework. I also go on hiking with the kids and the family, because here the screen is asked to keep the time at least and it's only possible when you're there for the kids.

Don't let denial be a disappointment

'I went to give an interview in one place so there was also a biased person in the interview panel. Since my appearance looks like a common Pakistani Muslim, the poor could not be patient and he directly said that we would not give jobs to this person. But also said that we also need to understand that you are capable of not challenging your educational qualifications and you are internationally

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