Doge Coin cross all time high

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As you all know that the era of Cryptocurrency is nowadays. And I think this year is very beneficial for those who bought crypto currency in previous years.

Doge Coin:-

Doge coin is one of the Famious coin and also the high number coin. And Doge coin rate from the past 7 year was low and everyone think its not most protofile coin.

Now the Doge coin is the best one coin and increaSe approximately 700% from yesterday also 83000% from 2015.

And now the Doge rate is 0.0595% and also the marker cap is 93.0$ Billion. Elon mask said in yesteeday twite doge will cross 1$ in Few days. If Doge coin cross 1$ then doge will be the most protifilo coin.

Doge coin was not best protifilio in previous year

Because the number of this currency is very high and people used to think that the number of crypto currency is high and it will not go up too much because of the number.This year, the currency also went up, which is hopeless to people and does not even think.

And take advantage of those who have taken it

When you want more profit in crypto then what should you do?


2) invest, as much you can effort

3) Activness

Spend as much crypto currency as you can afford because proximity currency is something that sometimes goes too high and sometimes goes too low.The most important thing in crypto currency is to wait if you have spent more than your orbit you will not have to wait and you will suffer a lot of loss.

And those who make a loss in crypto currency are only those who spend more than the limit and others who do not wait and do not wait for those who have spent a lot more than their hands, so spend inside your hand and get a lot of benefit in a short period of time.

The crypto currency that goes down will go up so much but will have to wait if you wait then you will get profit. if you do not wait then you will face loss.

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