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Be a Helping Hand!

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1 year ago

Asslam o Alaikum and Hello to all my friends on the platform.

We live in a society and we have to interact with different people. Our priority should be to deal with people with live and care .We should always help others in difficult situations and we they need us. We should help others and always be a helping hand.

Helping others is a noble work and we should always help the poor and needy people as much as we can. Helping  others brings happiness and joy to us and we feel content and satisfied. Our religion also advise us to help the poor and destitute and there is punishment for the one who is rich but did not help people who come to his door for help.

We should develop a sense of helpfulness  and always try to help poor as our financial position allow us and never return the person empty handed who come to our door.

Try to be a helping hand and contribute your share making life of people easy and comfortable.

Thanks for reading my post till the end.....

Allah Hafiz and God bless you....

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Your article is good, though I would try to write a bit more and not have the whole thing in italics.

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11 months ago

Thank you dear..

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11 months ago