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A poem of truth

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5 months ago



I'm sorry that society has forced you to believe that you will not be accepted until your face is well painted and your body is revealed,

these ideas have been injected into your head that you feel becoming an exception would only get you rejected

well !! I'm glad to tell you that all these are false ideas that should be neglected

and following them would only get you misdirected,

listen, sister, your body is a fortress that should always stay protected,

a holy temple that should never get desecrated

a clean house that should never be infected

yes, temptations will always come as expected,

but with prayers, strong will, and guidance from Allah all of it can be avoided

your hijab should be a priority and not an option,

do not let these modern immoral styles make you think your hijab is a form of oppression, no it's not

let pious women like nana Khadija, Aisha, and mary be your source of inspiration,

your body is not a thing for publication,

do not let the way you dress render every man you pass by into a state of vibration,

do not let them think your body is open for accommodation

do not even give them the luxury of thinking about it in their imagination

sister, true beauty goes beyond bleaching creams, contour, mascara, and lipsticks,

it goes beyond walking down the street and getting addressed as a hot chick,

true beauty does not involve being slim, fat, or thick,

these are all definition of beauty that is immature and sick

by Allah, with time these will all melt away just like a candlestick

true beauty lies beneath the chest,

true beauty is having an attitude filled with politeness at its best,

true beauty is staying true to yourself and never changing a thing just to impress,

true beauty is walking decently, taking gently, and never twisting your voice when trying to express

for having a soul decorated with kindness, decency, and honesty wallahi is worth more than all treasures,

sister pls do not submit to internet and peer pressures,

uphold your iman and your akhirah will be filled with so many pleasures

this world is nothing but a test,

so rock your hijab with sincerity, pride and ignore every form of jest,

live an of piety, let the Qur'an and hadith be your one true guide,

do not be carried away by Dunya and it's a sweet ride

and inn shaa Allah you would wake up amongst the best, the favored and the blessed

may Allah Allah guide you always, Ameen

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Written by   60
5 months ago
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5 months ago
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5 months ago

Truth matters in this life. This your article is interesting and its very reasonable to reasoning

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5 months ago

Awesome poem dear. Back me Dear

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5 months ago