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The Trust on Bitcoin Cash.

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1 year ago

Many will say that trust is valuable especially when it comes to money. If you were lending money to someone who promised they'd pay you back but you do it without any trust, I firmly believe many cannot and many more will not without trust being established first.

When banks lend out money, they will require collateral, they will check your credit score, not in an effort to build trust with you only to determine if you are trustworthy to possibly pay it back. They aren't counting on the fact that you will, even if you can, that's why they need the collateral in case you don't.

Fiat currencies, which are our sovereign currencies that we have today do not allow us to build trust amongst one another in order to use that, which we hope to have, to purchase a new car or a new home. The wealth that these banks are amassing comes from the dream you hope to have. In an effort for us to attain it, we borrow against the things we possess that hold value only building the debt we enslave ourselves to, day in and day out. Our dreams are supposed to set us free and not buying the chains that enslave us for a lifetime.

For example, a young entrepreneur has a great idea and that person is tired of working 40 hours a week to try and get ahead in life. This individual finally makes a decision to start up his or her own company to no longer have to work 40 hours a week, until only work based on how he or she feels that day. However, after realizing everything it takes to start up a company, soon that 40-hour work week in the past seemed like a better deal. As this entrepreneur was putting in over a 100 hours every week to do whatever it takes for the company to succeed.

Passion is the fuel that drives success. Not long after, the business starts getting setbacks and it isn't falling together like this entrepreneur hoped it would, instead it's falling apart.

The idea was to start the business in order to not have to work 40 hours a week, but to have the freedom to do as that person wished so that the individual could have more time for their hobbies, relationships and family. The business, however, is consuming all of their time and energy.

What that individual hoped it would bring, it only stripped away that person's time. The one thing you can't make more of, the one thing you have less of with every day that passes, it is the most valuable asset you have, don't waste it.

Bitcoin Cash though, builds trust within the community with every transaction it completes - it validates its vision.

Bitcoin Cash is developing the economy, but it is up to every single one of us to help build it. The trust in Bitcoin Cash must flow within its community like water in a river. The water doesn't stop because a rock is in its way, it finds a way around and never stops flowing until It ultimately makes iits way to the ocean. In this analogy, the trust that we have must channel through the connections we already have with one another and together we can reach everyone.

Bitcoin Cash is ready to serve the global with outstanding kind of decentralized monetary system for everyone all over the globe and there should no one that can be able to stop its developing economy, not even all the bullies of Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency.

With its speed, affordable transaction price and being decentralized, Bitcoin Cash gives us no middlemen to approve and store our money like banks because we can be our bank, a formidable kind of payment that is borderless and let us make an uncensored and cheaper transactions wherever and whenever.

Everything that Bitcoin Cash can and will do is possible, and all we have to do is to support it and keep on trusting on its potential.


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Written by   20
1 year ago
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Keep trusting on Bitcoin Cash. It will soon recognize by the world as the digital cash for payments. :)

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1 year ago

Thank you for supporting and trusting Bitcoin Cash. Very soon it will be fully recognized as the digital global payment. :)

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1 year ago