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Maybe God should Show us himself. (Worries of the world)

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10 months ago

So many worries in the world, many depression in the world today, many have concluded that there's no God. Many circumstances have brought people into a place of anger, full of hate of life, and it feels like all help is quiet. Solution is what we are seeking day in and out. Many lost hope already, Living has become irrelevant to many. What is the solution.

So maybe if God can show himself to everyone to know he truly is here then just maybe the worries would be reduced, just maybe we would all know that our prayers are being heard. Just maybe we would be at rest that he has it stored in processing, even though the fact remains that he hears instantly. His ears aren't deaf, nor his hands short, his response all always perfect. But we are impatient we want it done now, yes you and I want it now.

Yet, he understands us perfectly, imagine after parting the red seas for the Israelites, few days later they still went on to worshipping a golden calf, he has seen our impatience over millions of generations, and he knows our nature perfectly, but he won't affect our free will, he has given us what we need, it has been said in our manual, the holy book, the Bible. So it is expected that we read, meditate and know the goodness of his love, the power of his might, and the wonders of his creation.

He knows us all by name, he doesn't have to appear to us facially, because he shows himself to us everyday, in the street, at work, through our journey, through the eyes of our children and life partners, God is in every thing, have you seen the oceans, oh the mountains, the valleys, or the waterfalls, God is ever showing himself, let's learn to worry less, and pray to him having full assurance that he hears and he is intentional about our cases. The worries of life aren't greater than God. He is all powerful. He would help us swiftly in Jesus name. Amen.

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