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Time check 4:46 in the morning

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10 months ago

Hi guys! Good morning! Time check it is already 4:46 in the morning.. and guess what? Until now i am not yet sleeping hehe.. I dunno i just cant sleep.. so i kept on scrolling in my facebook account and again, check some fancy dress in the online shop. Because to be honest since the pandemic came and they announced to have a lockdown protocol i almost spent time here in our house. Oh well, i was outside for my job and such things regarding with some families and to our relatives.

but, outdoors lifestyle.. its nah” we don’t have that much.. i supposed to drink some coffee right now but I remember it will keep me awake haha it sounds crazy right! So by keep on scrolling i get hungry. I eat some rice and roasted chicken with hard boiled eggs. And besides its already breakfast time! Hahaha.. and after that i wash my both hands and my face i also brush my teeth and gargle some anti bacteria mouth wash.

I can’t sleep without brushing my teeth and gargling. And every day i always took a shower 3 times a day. If its too hot because it’s summer time. Then i will take a shower for 5 times a day or 4 ? Haha it depends from my mood.. people says that i am a mermaid or a kind of dolphins in my past life. I just told them that taking a shower makes me feel relieved in any kind of situation. It calms me. it pacifying me.. when i have body pain or a terrible headache right away i am going to take a shower. The cold one. Because i used to it. I can’t sleep if I can’t able to take a shower before i will go to bed. In the morning i will also take a shower.

anyway, my wife is already in a deep sleep. I was thinking about her birthday. 8 more days to go she will turn 43 years old. Time flies too fast. And after one week from her birthday its our 3rd anniversary of being together. Her birthday will be on January 19 and our anniversary is on 27 of January hehehe. It’s cool right? Yeah my fate and destiny swing me to her. And i can no longer stop that fate. Well, i do love her so much! My love for her is so deep just like the ocean and its huge like a universe. i love her so much. Deeply and madly.

well, i have a surprise gift for her. I hope she may like it. Well i know that she will because i know her taste. Hmmm I decided to give her a explosion gift box.. I ordered so many fancy gifts through online. And i know she will really love the design. But of course i will cook for her a very lovely dish! One of her favorite those seafoods, beef, noodles, chickens and finger burger, finger ham with pineapple tidbits. and also i will get her some cake with a lovely dedication for her.

i hope she will love it! I am wishing that she may like my surprises for her. I will never stop loving her and i wont stop showing how much i do care and love her. Deep in my heart as always. Nobody will replace the love that i carved for her inside of my soul. I love her so much.. very very much ❤️

anyway?? How about you ? How you doing? Is there anything that makes you busy? Go on share it! I love to hear that from you! Looking forward to that in comment section!

much love! And god bless!

A cute selfie of me to you! Xoxo 💋

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Written by   58
10 months ago
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