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Our jumbo tiger prawns fresh from our small pond! ❤️

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1 month ago

Hello guys! How you been doing? Its been a long day. I just wake up a while ago and we feed our pets and water our plants. And we put some fertilizer to our plants. The weather is so nice. Its too cool. Last night i’ve been hearing a very loud thunderstorm. And that’s what i really like. I craved to eat some chips. The lays one. ❤️
Mean while awhile ago i cooked some lunch 🍴

i made a tiger prawn soup. The most popular local food called sinigang. I have made it and its too damn yummy specially the tiger prawns are very fresh. Freshly from our pond.

These are the photos of our fish & shrimps pond. Sooner we will gonna have a crab pond. We are still looking for a crab eggs that they can sell to us. And we can take good care of it! ❤️ This is our siningang tiger prawns came from hehehe to our pond! ❤️😍

So, here it is! Our fresh tiger prawns came from our small pond. ❤️ They are too cute! And healthy as well ! The fats are amazing as well ❤️

These jumbo tiger prawns! ❤️♥️

Lets go! Lets eat! This is our sinigang! ❤️
Lets eat guys! ❤️😍

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Written by   44
1 month ago
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