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Never Ever Na Papakabog Sa Iba ❤️😜❤️

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2 months ago

“When life gives you a lemon add it to the vodka.. to all of the things that happened in me all i can say is i am still bless. Regardless what it is. I learned from it and those things are my stepping stone to figure out the success. I am looking forward to my upcoming adventures in my life. 2 more months to go.. everything will start with new things, new ideas and very inspiring travels and of course, with a goblet of wine. Who doesn’t want to have a cheers while taking up a very long journey to success? In my early age i have been through a lot and that what makes me a better person. No one can lend a hand aside from yourself. I guess i am amazing standing alone in my own crowd. Well for that i am glad. Kasi alam ko naman na may ibubuga talaga ako kailangan ko lang pagbutihin ang lahat and to give effort to the things that i really want to do. And most specially, don’t let anyone to dictate your life because it ruins your happiness and capacity to give life in your own adventures. Sabi nga nila buhay mo iyan. Wag kang papakabog lalo na pagdating sa iba. Tsaka sa mga gustong kumabog sayo! Make everything happens, make it real by your own diba?! ❤️

cheers 🥂

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