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My Own Cosmetics Brand

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8 months ago

Hi guys! Its been a long time since I haven’t been here. How are you doing people? I hope & i wish that all of you are doing great! Despite’s of facing such a terrible pandemic that keeps on spreading everywhere. I have heard in the news that there is so many people that gets infected from a new variant of covid 19.

this is a very sad news. Anyhow, despite’s from all of these is i am making myself busy having my new business. I am having a cosmetic business and its my own brand. “Christine perfect finish” and with label of shamz albaroudih. This is my own brand and i am the one who’s making the formula of my cosmetics.

Such as:

  • Hd matte lip stain.

  • Gel lip and cheek tint.

  • collagen face serum.


  • X10 Glutathione with lemon and baking soda soap.

for now, there are the products that i form formulated by my own. Its been a long time since i decided to create my own brand. and right now i found a time to make it. I hope and i pray that everything will get successful. I have been posted this in my Facebook account and i am so glad and my heart is keep on bumping because so many of my Facebook friends wants to be a reseller of my own products.

i feel so bless and my happiness is over flowing because I don’t start it yet to show up those products that i am doing because i am not yet done and still I’m gonna do some packaging from it. all of my products is under from FDA.

so i have told them girls just wait for a little more because sooner it will be launched ❤️ I am so thankful that they already trust my products regardless because they just know me. And the most funniest things is they are the one who’s so excited to sell my products. Soon i will paste the link of my Facebook page here so that you can visit it guys and follow of course please share it!

i hope everything gets better and successful!!
have a wonderful day to all of us and to those who’s already in the bed please stay safe and have a sweet dreams! Much love every one!

keep on shining everyone! 😍

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Written by   58
8 months ago
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No doubt brand speak without tongue. Congrats to you..💓💓🤝🏻🤝🏻

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8 months ago