My father’s Art Work that he gave to me before he died.

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2 years ago

So, while i am sitting in here. And scrolling pictures on my phone. I captured those paintings of my father that he did when he was still alive. These paintings are made of oil. Yeah this is an oil paintings.
i would like to share the photo’s to all of you. All of these are already a vintage one.
Yeah it’s elder than me 3 decades i guess haha. It was already existed when i was still on his tank! Hahaha 😆 i love my father so much. He is such a lovely person but I cant denied that he is such a playboy man. But its okay. He loves me and he supported me in everything. ❤️
these are the oil paintings that he made before. That really caught my eyes.

this is a naked woman who’s looking too far. I am wondering who is she? Haha or she is just an imagination from my father’s mind. Hahaha 😆 anyway she is beautiful tho ❤️

And this one! This is such a weirdo one. But i can sense and feel the meaning of it. A sexy woman who’s sitting in a higher chair looking at the sky. Like a woman who’s very interesting and doesn’t care of anything she wants to keep on shining and that is her nature. She doesn’t care about those small things from down. The main point in this painting is she is the center of attraction. She doesn’t care because its her nature! To keep on sparkling ❤️

And this one is from my grand-grand father of my father. I think this is his girlfriend before hahaha 😆 such a playboy they are! But she is pretty. ❤️🥰😍

And this is my father art work as well an oil painting a woman who’s carrying and playing violin. A lady in red with a violin! ❤️🌸 this is amazing 😍❤️

And this is madonna my father’s art work as well most of his paintings are made of oil ❤️

Oh the time click between two woman. They are lesbians i guess hahaha 😆 an angel and a demons. They are waiting for a right time to get in touch! Haha

i wonder what my father is thinking while he is doing these such beautiful paintings!

cheers guys!

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2 years ago


Very nice artworks but kinda put it in Rated SPG..hahah..jkd..your late father was very gifted with an awesome talent,you must be very proud of him. That artworks will be very expensive if sold but the artwork of the love one left in you is priceless and cant be paid even by any price.

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2 years ago

Yeah @chelout Many people wants to buy this paintings but because it is already vintage. I don’t want. Because i feel like he is always with me.
These paintings are elder than me. I am not yet born in this world haha. these paintings are already 70 yrs

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2 years ago