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Music that make me kiss the glasses of vodka now! ❤️

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1 month ago

Hello there people! How you doing guys? I hope all of you are in the safe place as always. Today is a rainy season all what i am doing is to listen to the music that i really want. It put me always into a very good mood. Every time that i want to relax i drink coffee and having a wonderful sounds that embracing my ears. I would like to share to all of you this music that i am listening oh by the way these list of the songs are dedicated for myself.

this song is really makes me in the mood while i am having a coffee with the nice weather right now. Oh my goodness.. i feel like i am floating in the clouds. I feel like i wanna have some cherry vodka! Yiieey..!

All that I have is all that you've given meDid you never worry that I'd come to depend on you I gave you all the love I had in meNow I find you've lied and I can't believe it's true.. 🎶🎶

-whoah the lyrics of this is so sensual with roughness that may scratch your back! So be careful hahaha 😆

and here is the second one

This song is from celine dion “seduces me”

i already told to myself that i just want to relaxed but i guess by this situation right now i am going to extend my time for another 2 days hahaha.. the song makes me shiver and wanted my lips to drink a glasses of cherry vodka and I shouldn’t miss this chance! I am alone right now but i have a vodka to make me feel warm and it seduces me.. ❤️
“I've given up on yesterday Here and now is all that matters Right here with you is where I'll stay Everything in this world Every voice in the night every little thing of beauty Comes shining through in your eyes And all that is you becomes part of me too Cause all you do seduces me🎶🎶

whoah cheers! Right now my lips are kissing the cherry vodka! ❤️ I feel like i am seduces by this one?! Hahaha

and the third one is

This song is heading for a fall by vaya con dios. All of these songs are making me shake my hips and my upper part of my body. Oh my goodness i think i should invite those strangers that i have met last few days and its time for me to invite them here into my pub. Anyway they are girls hahaha 😂

i have Foods in here. I have cherries. Strawberries which is common i have some grilled salmon cut into pieces and some chicken breast with broccoli and quail egg i think This will do!

yeah i am going to call them now since after tomorrow they are going back in manila as well hehe ❤️

anyway cheers! ❤️

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Written by   44
1 month ago
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