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Me and My wife videos! Our Youtube channel

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2 months ago

Hello guys! How’s you doing people? I hope everything is alright with you. So good evening! Today i spent my day with full of sweetness. I wake up around 2:45pm in the afternoon. Hehe nothing to do so we slept late. We watch some movies and having some snacks at midnight..

we like to watch some action, horror, adventures, sci-fi and fantasy one! Well we like all the genre of the films but except of the love story! Its too corny and full of dramatic emotions. Hehehe.. the only love story that i like is titanic and that’s it!

Around 4pm a while ago after we had lunch i took a shower again and prepare myself because we are about to go out. Scrolling around the area. We plan to have some ice cream, but it rains so hard so we stayed at the nlex shell. We had some cold desserts. I supposed to get some coffee but i realise that i will ended up sweating. Despites of heavy rain.

yeah me and my wife we had some desserts over there. I would like to share our photos to all of you guys!

By the way guys! We had a video vlog but we didnt able to continue it because due to im busy in some other things specially in the farm! But i would like to share some of our video vlogs!
here is the link. By the way if you have a time you can also subscribe us on our youtube channel and dont forget to hit the like and notification bell ❤️

this is me and my wife! 😍❤️ Finally.. you can see the real of us! 😍❤️
thank you guys!! ❤️😍

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You guys are so cute. Yung tawa niyo nakaka good vibes. 😍

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1 month ago

Yaaay. We finally heard you. Hehe 😍😲

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2 months ago

Yay!! Yeap that’s me and my wife hehe

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2 months ago

Good luck to both of you, SirPotato will always support your channel in better or worse as in good marriage ! thank you !

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2 months ago

Aww sir potato! Thank you very much! 😍❤️🌸 And thank you for your kindness and keep on slaying dear potato! 🌸

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2 months ago