I am caught between my decision and heart break.

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2 years ago

Hello guys. Have a wonderful day to all of you.. how you been doing? I just came back after a couple of days because i am busy in my personal life and to some business that i will open so soon. I really feel a benefit of the doubt to open it because i think nobody will purchase my beauty products because of this situation right now. I think this pandemic is unstoppable.

And the business right now is not good as the way how it is before.. because in the end of the day everything will turn back to me and it will be my huge losses..

there is a job offer for me in London they kept on informing and calling me. But my wife disagreed for the decision that i am going to make. Being a in a long distance relationship is too difficult because we’ve been there to that situation for almost a year and a couple of months. Yeah i bet that it’s too hard for the both of us too. Not only in her side because my feelings towards from her it’s not just a normal feelings that some couple used too..

my feelings from her is pure and clean, but you know what am I supposed to do? I can’t live my life gambling in a middle of nowhere specially to this pandemic. Yeah, my wife she have a money by her own because she grew up with such wealth from her family. And i am a hard working independent person too. That is why it’s too awkward and kinda depressing for me knowing that my business is not having a good foundation and it I can’t make it run how it used to be before.

now i am facing a decision between myself and to with her. Anyway to be honest, i can feel from myself that i am losing hope. Because of this pandemic unstoppable and right now our place is under from a lockdown. We already have a curfew. And i am too nervous to start a business knowing this such things happen to us its getting worse and i am afraid that the story might repeated by itself from last year.

i don’t want to believe in such predictions because it’s misleading us. They are spreading a false explanations. But in reality our governments sucks and selfish.

If i have been given a wish came from somewhere, i wish that our world will comeback how it was before a normal one, where all of the people can walk freely and can solve everything because there is no such any problem without a solution. I hope it will be, for the sake of all of us.

Right now i am comforting myself that everything happens right now is a lesson that we should know. And to apply it in our daily life. And i think, we should realize such thing called “importance & contentment”

anyhow I should not lose hope i know there is something behind of this..

anyway have a great day anyone. I thank million of times to read cash because its not the matter how much dollar that we earn. Its a matter of a article with such a huge feelings.

may the god bless us all have a great day everyone and more power to read cash and to all of the all time amazing and wonderful authors here.. have a blessed day!

cheers everyone ❤️❤️❤️

May our wishes, hopes and pray would come true soon! Just hold on tight and never let go of it. We have to believe that we can! Everything happens for a reason.

Your’s truly,


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