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Got some headache but it leads to excitement

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3 weeks ago

Hey guys whats up? Anyone still up? Hmm.. time check it is already 2:00 am in the morning. Today i was not that feeling well. I got some headache that almost knock me down. I have a lot of things to say here in my article but sadly i was not okay.
i feel sick somehow. But i already take some medicine just to help me for what i feel.
While i am laying down right now i am listening to a music called girl from ipanema by sitti

This song made me dance.. i love sitti’s song it always remind me those times before.. hehe a good memories that i always treasure for good!
for a mean while and old friend of mine have called me. Just to say hello 🌸

right now i am happy.. i just need someone to talk too and to laugh with.. i realise that my system is always getting down when i feel bored. I feel like i am having a bad headache hehe.. but now i am okay. I feel relived and relax i dont have any headache anymore hehehe 🌸

they have told me that they are going to visit me on my birthday! And i am really surprise because i know that would be a very very exciting and too fun! 😍🌸 omg i cant even wait 😍🌸

i am excited overload hehehe ❤️
once again i feel full because i laugh from my heart 🌸 its been a while that i was been so happy! Oh my goodness..

anyway i would like to share this song to all of you!

enjoy the music everyone! Lets spread love and happiness 🌸🌸

let me take some selfie’s to share too!! ❤️

This photo was taken when i was in dubai shangrila hotel and i was having my glasses of whisky tho. I love burj khalifa that tallest building ❤️

Oh! I am having a bath!! Hehehe this was in grand millenium spa. One of the 8 stars hotel in business bay as well. I went to the spa before i had some glasses of whisky! 🌸

have a great day everyone! Mwuahh❤️🌸 kisses to all of you!

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Written by   44
3 weeks ago
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