Cant decide for my birthday after 1 month

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2 years ago

Hello there!

still, i am currently deciding for my birthday after 1 month. ❤️
since i cant decide for my birthday. What kind of celebration that i am supposed to do. because i cant found any kind of stuffs from the outside, they are still close. But what am i suppose to do? Aside of waiting. Its okay.. no problem at all. As long that i am safe. And healthy that is the main important thing. 🙂🙂❤️

before, i am celebrating my birthday alone. i want to go in such places like night club. Hanging out with my friends, going in the mall to do shopping. Brought some clothes and shoes.
watch some nice movie in the cinema😍❤️
to eat on my favorite restaurant. ❤️

right now since i dont want to expect anymore that everything will gets better this year. i just want to chill down and make everything easy. I dont want to think those parties and celebration for now because i am alone. 😆🌸🎂

i dont want to plan for what i am going to cook on my birthday because i might get tired. And i cant enjoy my birthday anymore. i think, maybe i will just get some whisky and steak for that night. And some cool music that can make me put on the good vibes! ❤️

its just a party celebration. And i may do it in some other time. But by this year. This is totally crazy. On my birthday i dont want to get exhausted cooking in the whole day. 🌸

ill make it simple but classy. ❤️

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awesome and grats of getting another 18+tax birthday, hope that all your dreams will come true someday- youe little loyal -SirPotato

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2 years ago

Very sweet thoughts of you! Thank you sir potato!! 🥰😘

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2 years ago