Bless you today my heart, yeah this is for you.

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2 years ago

Are you lonesome tonight are you missing me tonight🎶🎶❤️

yeah i am listening to this song while i am here on my bed.. its a calm music and makes me feel myself as for who i am.. i feel like i am in the year of 1940’s

sometimes i feel so lonely all of a sudden. Before i used to complain from everything because i feel not contented but right now i realize so many things.

I should be easy in such things before. Because in reality i dont lose anything. I am just a typical type of person that keeps on complaining which is i should be thankful for it because i am blessed for those such huge gifts.

but right now, sitting in my bed makes me realize that i should treasure and be thankful for those wonderful things that happens in my life. Most of the time i kept on wondering from my stupid ideas that i have decided and for real it makes me laugh. how i made my life too complicated because i am an over competitive person in a wrong way. I am enjoying those such shit that really makes me look like and idiot. Lol

as time goes by.. we realize so many things. There is regrets and nonsense situations that we shouldnt hold on to that. Yeah.. that really fucks us upside down.. hehehe.. but right now.. i put on my mind that every little things is very important and i should value it because we cannot go back from the past to fix either to change it. As long as there is a life there is a hope”

always follow your feelings. Fuck that mind for sometimes.. because some wrong decision came from the brain. We used to believe being smart, is you should used and follow what’s your brain up to. Lol as far as i observe it depends from the situation.. but always remember following our feelings and heart is not gonna turn us down all the time.. there must be a reason out of it.

Have your time right now! Do those things what your feeling wants.. shout it out.. have a freedom to make yourself satisfied for once in a moment. Open your journey again into another page that brings you colors and sunshine!

Keep on shining!

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