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2 years ago

Hi, i am christine, and i am 23 years old. I came from United Arab Emirates, in dubai.
i was spending my time and life through traveling. I came into many places.. and so many people that i have met and work with.. of course expect such things about differences Because every nationalities have a different culture and different attitude. So far, i enjoyed a lot while working.. i have been in uae, Cambodia, thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Oman, Qatar and Maldives. I was roaming around and looking for myself. Because such life has treated me so bad. So, that is why i decided to travel and to move on.. and now i am okay. But this pandemic Causes so many negative things in this year. And i hope everything will gets back to normal. I keep on praying for those people who got affected to this pandemic crisis. Even the whole world are fighting for it. I hope it wont spread more..

by the way this is the first time that i have known this site. It seems i am enjoying it!
i love to write.. this is one of my hobbies.
thanks to the person who invited me to join in this site. Bless you and stay safe..

love lots!

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