Hellish Quart – Finally Some Realistic Fencing (With Controller in your Hands)

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1 year ago
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If you've always enjoyed swordfighting and watched it in movies, then you may want to enjoy a realistic swordfight in a game. But most game systems have only offered fencing in the form of strikes from different directions, covering, dodging and combos.

But now Hellish Quart is here and promises to change that all. It's no exaggeration to say that this is finally a game where you'll feel like you're actually fencing, dealing out hits, hurting your opponent, and trying to dodge their weapon at the same time.

Weapons are really lethal, so you can kill your opponent at the same time as he kills you (which is something that really happened in duels).


  • Balanced fights in which one misstep, one mistimed reaction will decide the outcame of the fight.

  • No energy bars – one precise hit can finish the fight.

  • Local multiplayer makes it the perfect party game.

  • The overall fighting in the game is so quite realistic.

  • Polish Sabre 'cross-cutting' fencing style at its best.

  • The developers are working really hard with passion and constantly updating the game with new content.


  • Still in progress (but allready fun)

  • I am missing character customization

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1 year ago
Topics: Gaming, History