Marky Story: Left part of the skeleton, returned to the soul

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2 years ago

Although I was in the sixth grade of elementary school when this incident happened while our family was still living in the province, I clearly remembered the details because it instilled great fear in my mind. Fear caused me to appreciate every part of the human skeleton because it would result in an event full of mystery and horror.

"Did you go out last night, Domeng?" I remember our mother asking our father on the balcony and caressing his pet.

"No, why? Our father's answer and answer.

"I saw someone lying here on the balcony last night while weaving clothes in the living room", said our mother. "I didn't wear it because I thought you were!"

"I did not go out last night", replied our father. "I can no longer get up because I feel bad, I feel like I have a fever!"

Because of the frightening topic of conversation between our parents, I made the decision to find out if what our mother was calling our neighbor, Aling Ester, was true. So before I went to sleep in the living room, which was attached to the balcony of our house, I often peeked through this section to see if our mother's story was true.

"My God, that's right", I said nervously as I watched a man sitting on a bamboo bench through the crack in the wall. "Someone is hanging out on the balcony!"

Out of sheer fear, I quickly covered myself with a blanket and forced myself to sleep to forget the man lying on our balcony. And in the morning, I immediately told my family members what I had seen on the balcony of our house which caused me great fear.

"I will be the guard tonight, I will find out if what Daniel and your mother are saying is true" said our father. "Maybe it's true because they've both seen it!"

The next day, our father told us that he had also seen the man our mother and I had seen lying on the balcony of our house. According to our father, he did not see the man's face so he made sure that his soul had something important to return to the place where our house was located which our mother did not oppose because it was a belief in our place.

"Certainly, he was returning part of the skeleton because there was no house in this area in the past", assured our father who decided to dig the ground opposite the balcony of our house.

Our father's suspicion was not wrong because he found part of the human skeleton in the pit he made in front of the balcony of our house. And when he asked the first owner of the land on which our house was located, he found out about the crime that took place here so he included the skeletal part in the grave of the victim who was transferred to the cemetery.

Since our father took the missing part of the skeleton and placed it in the victim's grave, we have not seen the person hanging on the balcony of our house. And like my siblings, my parents' beliefs were deeply ingrained in my mind so we valued them and passed them on to our children.

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