Marky Story: Gold is on the Ground (Part 3)

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2 years ago

“Why, Josephine? Do you feel bad for me because of what happened on vacation? Last summer? When we last talked in the field because I criticized you social and rich people here in our town! ”

“No! "Josephine smirked at what I said. She looks like a girl who was robbed of cotton candy.

“Why is that? Don't you know that it is evil to plant resentment in your neighbor? Whatever that resentment is! All right, if you don't say the reason, I will stand up. I will never ignore you again. ”

Josephine's face saddened at what I said. Footsteps on the paved road. We are just ignore to other passing motorists. Suppose there is a lover’s quarrel that they see a scene.

“It’s you! the same as you. You suddenly disappear. You didn't even tell me that you would stop your studies two years ago. You just made me hope! ”

“What hope? I do not understand you, haller! What do you hope for? ”

“Because… you courted me then. Case, you did not proceed. I thought you love me? Why didn't we become! ” Josephine blushing at what was being said.

“Wow! Your trouble ha! Are you the one who misled me to ask me that question? If what I did not give a continuation of the courtship I did to you is the reason you snobbish me, that's it! Is that the reason? ” I said smiling.

Josephine nodded. That was his reason.

"It's you. You pay more attention to your farm than to me! You prefer even with the buffaloes, goats, chickens there on your farm. You don't even visit me at the troop shelter in the fishery. You're annoying!"

“I need a Facebook account to send you a message. My old cellphone, I know. Already taken hostage. What a problem there! It’s my life, you know! And why are you so annoyed with my indifference and not being thoughtful of you? ‘I know, it turns out you are not important to me what?”

"Because I love you. Yes I love you. That's why I hate you! ” Josephine resisted. Admit it. If I hadn't been gone for a long time and he didn't see much, I still wouldn't know his true feelings.

“Really?. You love me but you ignore me? Is there such a person in the person he loves? ‘What now if you love me?’

Josephine's face lit up again as I narrowed down as if I was not affected by what she said. In fact, I was thrilled. In fact, my heart is already jumping jack with joy.

"What now? You are really delicious! ” Josephine who was in tears when I became a stalker.

"You love me and then I love you too… let's not love each other. Let us enrich our love like a field full of rice grains of rice plants that are danced with every swing of the wind, ”I said while holding his hands.

Josephine hugged me. I know, that he misses me too much. I know he and I all understand what happened to our family. I am happy because I am the one who weighs in his heart despite the fact that my rivals are strong. They say they don't belong to me because they only know how cute life is. It seems delicious to pull the bangs.

So from then on, Josephine and I were okay. We became and that is not hidden from the knowledge of his parents. Just, let's just prioritize learning first. Right now it is just a dream first and effort.

When it comes to love between studies, there must be a sacrifice which is wrong. Why choose you for something that is both important. Instead of letting love be a barrier to learning, why not make love an inspiration while studying. Maybe it's just carrying. The others are aggressive so they forget. Not me. So Josephine loved me and her parents voted for me. I think I have my own farm, hehehe.

Right now, I am one of the suppliers of rice in the town with ten fruits and vegetables harvested in the market. So I proved that even the saying mud has a sky too. As long as the method and cultivation of the crops are correct, you will prosper and prosper.

The End

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